Apple in talks over its iTV project

Apple in talks over its iTV project
Will Apple put iTV at the core of our living room?

Apple is in discussions with media executives over its plans for an 'iTV' that it believes will change the television world, and presumably really tick off one of the UK's biggest broadcasters.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is embroiled in talks over its widely mooted television content – which was outed posthumously by Steve Jobs via his authorised biography.

The iTV will build on its Apple TV concept but is expected to comprise a screen as well, although the service will tie closely into its other devices.

That would mean being able to pick up a show or movie at the point you left it on another device – meaning a more seamless content consumption experience for consumers.


Rumours are rife about the potential feature-set, with the current suggestion that Apple's iTV will bring Kinect-like motion sensor and voice technology, allowing you wave your arms at your television and pretend to be Tom Cruise in Minority Report whilst actually looking like a tool.

Interestingly, the talks have not apparently revolved around content – which will presumably be the key factor to the success or failure of the project.

Regardless, interest is clearly mounting in the Apple iTV – although it will be fascinating to see if that name will stick given its long-standing use in the UK by a major terrestrial broadcaster.

Patrick Goss

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