Spigen has your Pixel 7 life covered

Google’s next generation of Pixel phones is here, to showcase the latest Android features and cutting-edge innovations in phone hardware and software. They are the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and have a new super-powered Tensor processor plus stunning glass and metal designs. 

The Tensor G2 offers improved performance all-round and new camera features including de-blurring of photos, even those you took years ago. 

It’s an amazing pair, selling at a surprisingly tempting price. But you’ll still want to keep them safe with a case, and that’s Spigen’s job. It has produced cases for the Pixel phones since the series began, and has already released a whole set of accessories for the new Pixel family. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best picks. 

Near-invisible protection: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear 

Spigen Pixel 7 Ultra Hybrid Clear

(Image credit: Spigen)

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a case series we have recommended countless times already for other models. It’s the perfect affordable pick if you want to keep the look of your Pixel 7, and just add an all-important layer of protection. 

It’s a transparent case, a great fit for the super-distinctive Pixel 7 phones. It is constructed using a mix of TPU and polycarbonate, resulting in a hard backplate but softer and malleable sides that make the case easy to take on and off. Spigen also employs air pockets in the corners, and these soak up the force of impacts, letting a Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear case provide much more hardcore protection than you might guess from a glance.

Discover Spigen's Clear Series for the Pixel 7/7 Pro

Slim and grippy style: Spigen Liquid Armor  

Spigen Pixel 7 Liquid Armor

(Image credit: Spigen)

You can also use a case as a way to give your phone a fresh visual personality. The Spigen Liquid Armor is a super-breezy TPU case, which means it’s super-flexible, the kind of case you can whip on and off in a few seconds. 

The Liquid Armor has a style all of its own too. It’s an all-black design, a more minimal look than the Pixel 7 itself, but the main body of the case has an embossed “truss” pattern to add visual interest and massively improve grip. 

A lot of cases focus on making sure your phone survives if it’s dropped, but the Liquid Armor is also going to help avoid those accidents in the first place.

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Maxed-out protection: Spigen Tough Armor  

Spigen Pixel 7 tough armor

(Image credit: Spigen)

If you’re out for the top combination of prevention and security, take a look at the Spigen Tough Armor for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. It is Spigen’s most protective series, and with its signature kickstand, its build allows for easy handsfree use, letting you watch YouTube videos while cooking your dinner. 

A dual-layer design is the not-so-secret recipe for the Spigen Tough Armor’s protection. A layer of flexible TPU sits on the inside, while the outer is harder polycarbonate. This mix of hard and soft means any impact force is spread across the compressible parts that can actually soak it up. 

Discover Spigen's Tough Armor for the Pixel 7/7 Pro

High-end style: Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Pixel 7 rugged armor

(Image credit: Spigen)

We can’t ignore the Align Rugged Armor for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro either. This case is inspired by the design of performance race cars, but is actually a deceptively simple design. 

The Spigen Rugged Armour is a TPU case, meaning it is flexible, and easy to fit and remove as often as you like. It has carbon fibre sections, for an instant hit of sophisticated visual pop. And just like the other Spigen cases we’ve looked at, the corners have air cushions to soak up impact force. 

Discover Spigen's Rugged Armor for the Pixel 7/7 Pro

Spigen now also has your music covered too with its Rugged Armor and Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear designs, which are also available for the Google Pixel Buds Pro, true wireless earphones that pair beautifully with a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. 

These cases protect the earphones’ charging pod, and let you match your phone’s outer look with that of your headphones. Both case styles also have a built-in keyring, for added flexibility. 

You can pick up the entire Spigen Pixel 7 range of accessories today over at the official Spigen store