Get your Google searches back on track with 'No, I said' command

Google Search "no, I said"
That's not what I meant

"OK Google" voice search is great - that is, until the device fails to understand you. Thankfully, the search giant has built a failsafe into its mobile apps for just such occasions.

Google has announced the latest Android and iOS versions of the official Google Search app are hiding a secret superpower allowing users to correct erroneous search queries.

Announced with a brief video demo posted to Google+, the trick uses the voice command "No, I said," uttered right after a misheard verbal search. This will force the results to correct themselves, just like magic.

For example, a search for "baroque artists" could easily be misinterpreted as "broke artists" with plenty of humorous results; immediately using the voice command "No, I said baroque" will theoretically clear up the misunderstanding and produce the desired search results.

Just say no

"If it ain't baroque, don't fix it. But if it is, you can tell Google … and it'll correct itself. Works on the Google app for iOS and Android," the cheeky Google+ post from July 8 read.

Curiously, Google makes no mention of such a unique feature being added in the latest releases notes for the Google Search apps, beyond the usual "bug fixes and performance improvements" on Google Play.

Making a voice-activated correction is certainly a better option than having to start over again with a new search query, and should lower the blood pressure of smartphone users too lazy to type out their missives via Google Search.

The addition of "No, I said" also makes the voice-activated, Google Now-powered assistant that much more powerful - especially compared to Apple's Siri, which currently isn't very good at recovering when she doesn't understand what you're saying.

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