Super Wi-Fi Philips hi-fi has everything

Philips WAC3500D Streamium Wireless Audio Center is poles apart from the old CD-player hi-fis from a few years ago

Philips has announced the launch of its brand new WAC3500D Streamium Wireless Audio Center. It combines a large internal hard drive, iPod dock and USB Direct connectivity to ensure that "your choice of music is as unlimited as your imagination".

The WAC3500D lets you store up to 15,00 CDs on its internal 80GB hard disk drive. The music can then be wirelessly streamed to up to five Wi-Fi stations located anywhere in the house, all in "pristine" digital sound quality.

The same digital audio track can be enjoyed simultaneously, to the same high quality, in each location. Or instead, independent track selections can be streamed to each of the five Wireless Music Stations.

Easy to use

Of course, to make use of all that you'd have to buy multiple stations which would ramp up your costs significantly.

Alternatively, the WAC3500D can receive, play and store MP3 or WMA tracks saved on a PC and wirelessly streamed to the system using simple drag 'n drop selection.

The music collection can be further extended by using the included iPod dock which allows the selection and direct playback of tracks stored on an iPod while it recharges. And for further convenience, USB Direct allows simple 'plug and play' connection to USB memory devices for transferring tracks to the hard disk drive or direct playback.

The Center should sound pretty good too. It includes a 2x 40W RMS Class 'D' digital amplifier, compact 2-way speakers, Dynamic Bass Boost and a Smart Equalizer.

The WAC3500D is available this month with a retail price of around £300.

James Rivington

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