Get a Fitbit Zip for only $42 at Bing Lee

Fitbit Zip
You can keep it hidden under your winter jacket

Keeping fit during winter got a little bit easier with nearly 50% off the Fitbit Zip from Bing Lee.

While this little fitness tracker can be found elsewhere with a price tag of about $70 to $80 and probably in other colours, Bing Lee has the Fitbit Zip in black and magenta for just $42.

The small step counter records how many steps you take each day and calculates how many calories you burn during exercise and how far you've travelled.

Paired with your Fitbit account, it gives you an ongoing look at your exercise patterns. Best of all, it's tiny and can be slipped into a pocket or clipped onto your clothing.

You can get the Fitbit Zip online or in-store at Bing Lee - but keep in mind, the sale ends in just seven days on June 30.