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Tron: Legacy - the Total Film review

One of the first UK reviews of Disney's new 3D Tron Legacy is in from our colleagues over at Total Film magazine, with the mag giving the latest 3D Hollywood blockbuster a thumbs up.

Tron: Legacy is out on 18 December in the UK, just in time for taking the whole family on an outing to the local multiplex over the holidays. And the verdict from Total Film is that it is certainly "not going to one of those movies that gives 3D a bad name."


Just gorgeous to gawp at

We return to the world of the hacker-turned-cyberman Kevin Flynn superbly played by Jeff Bridges, in this new title from debut director Joe Kosinksi.

"Tron Legacy is just gorgeous to gawp at," notes Total Film's review. "Hypnotic shots of [Kevin's son] Sam slaloming a Ducati motorbike between cars on a freeway at night take us to Encom, the corporation once headed by Kevin."

"Upgraded in breathtaking style by Kosinski's team, this stormy, apocalyptic city is a fearful, magnificent world of dark space, reflective surface and searing light. It's stunning, seductive and uniquely Tron."

Also of special mention is Daft Punk's score, which "paints its own sombre, synthy soundscapes, pumping vibe and life into cold, hard surfaces of Tron's world."

You can read the full, detailed review of the new Tron: Legacy right now over at