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Tilt-controlled Snake on iPhone

Remember this?
Remember this?

Perennial mobile phone favourite Snake has appeared on iPhone, featuring tilt-control, along with a few other strange and wonderful iPhone apps this week, such as the iLightr virtual fag lighter and the iPhone golf caddy.

TiltSnake is a new take on the old favourite, with tilt-control of the snake as it eats the food on the screen, while trying to avoid eating itself.

What's more, it's free. Which is always a bonus for commuter-friendly iPhone gaming snacks.

Virtual fag lighter

Elsewhere in the world of iPhone entertainment, the virtual fag lighter iLightr has captured our imagination.

iLightr combines "high-resolution OpenGL graphics (designed by an Academy Award winning special effects artist), dynamic sound effects, and accelerometer support to create the only truly interactive lighter simulation available."

It's one of those iPhone apps that initially makes you want to ask 'why?' before you quickly find yourself mesmerized by it and showing it off to strangers in the pub.

"Understanding the unique features of the iPhone has allowed us to produce a particularly captivating app," said Bryan Hansen, iLightr's Lead Developer. "Our obsessive attention to detail is what separates iLightr from other entertainment apps currently available."

iCaddy for golfers

Finally, in our top iPhone entertainment apps round up this week, Plum Caddy is now available in the iTunes App Store offering keen golfers "convenient golf mapping, scoring and statistics."

"Plum Caddy provides an attractive and intuitive interface for keeping track of your score, as well as the locations of each shot. The user can use the touch interface to place where their shot went on a map of the hole and track the number of strokes and other statistics.

The 3G iPhone's GPS can be used to display the distance between shots as well as offering rangefinder abilities such as remembering every shot on every hole on every course ever played (along with key info such as club used and location of any shot).

The Plum Clubhouse feature will offer all users of Plum Caddy accurate GPS capable maps of all the courses the user has played on allowing them to build up an impressive database of courses worldwide.

For a mere $10, Plum Caddy is pretty much essential for any iPhone using golfer.