Windows Phone grows by almost a quarter in Europe

Windows Phone grows by almost a quarter in Europe
Windows Phone is moving on up

According to some recent stats, Windows Phone experienced a 24% growth in Europe during July this year.

The increased figure, up from just over 10% in the previous two months, will undoubtedly come down to the fact Nokia has recently released its Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 handsets.

According to Statcounter, France witnessed a 29.8% month-on-month Windows Phone growth, while the UK saw a growth of 18.6% for July.

Still a lot of catching up to do

While this news will be encouraging for Microsoft, and its close smartphone partner Nokia, Windows Phone is still some way behind the might of Android and iOS in terms of market share.

In Europe, Windows Phone still only accounts for 1.68% of market, but at least it's on a steady upward trend.

Microsoft is set to launch Windows Phone 8 later this year, which will see a raft of new handsets arrive from Nokia, as well as other manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC.

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