The best accessories to supercharge your new phone

The best accessories to supercharge your new phone
Getting the best out of your fancy gadgets

You've been a good boy or girl all year round, and the hard work has paid off with Father Christmas depositing a shiny new smartphone underneath the tree.

Unwrapping a brand new phone is exciting enough, but if you really want to get the most of your handset you'll want to deck it out with some of the best accessories around.

For the most popular phones there are a huge range of accessories, from cases that protect them from knocks and drops, to add-ons that can completely transform how they can be used. Finding the best ones for each phone can be daunting, so let us show you the best accessories you can buy for your new phone.

And even if you don't have the phones below, most will work with other phones too - so there's something for everyone!

iPhone 6

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The iPhone 6 is Apple's latest flagship smartphone and as expected there's already a big range of accessories for the handset.

Twelve South HiRise Stand

£29.95 ($34.95, AUS $34.95)

Twelve South HiRise Stand

Don't stop using your iPhone 6 just because it's charging

Charging your iPhone 6 is an unavoidable inconvenience, but just because you're charging the handset doesn't mean you can't continue to use it.

The Twelve South HiRise Stand is a unique stand for the iPhone 6 (which also works for older iPhone models and the iPad mini) that charges the iPhone while holding it aloft, letting you continue to use the handset for browsing the web, making calls and FaceTime Chats.

It takes a leaf out of Apple's style design book for a compact and attractive way to charge your new iPhone 6.

Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Battery Case

$59.95 (around £38, AU$73)

Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Battery Case

Double the iPhone 6's battery life with this case

The Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Battery Case not only protects your precious new iPhone 6 from drops and other clumsy mistakes with a hard-shell backplate and 360 degree bumper design, but it also includes a built-in 3100mAh rechargeable battery that can double the battery life of the iPhone 6.

An LED battery level indicator keeps you posted about how much juice you have left, all while preventing the svelte iPhone 6 from becoming too bulky.

The Concert Acoustic Docking Station In Cherry

$64.50 (around £41, AU$79)

Concert Acoustic Docking Station In Cherry

This dock looks great and sounds even better

This unique docking station sounds as good as it looks. The stunning wooden design perfectly compliments the acoustics, and is ideal for anyone who loves listening to music on their iPhone 6.

When we say unique, we're not kidding either, as each docking station is handmade out of single pieces of wood in Portland, Oregon. Not only will the docking station play music, it will also charge your new iPhone 6 as well.

[BRIC+]xtreme Aluminum Case for iPhone 6

$95 (around £60, AU$116)

[BRIC+]xtreme Aluminum Case

Awful name, but will keep your iPhone 6 protected

It's everyone's worst nightmare. You've unwrapped your brand new iPhone 6, only to drop it a short while later, shattering the screen or denting the body. The [BRIC+]xtreme Aluminum Case for iPhone 6 can help you avoid this nightmare scenario.

This premium case is easily installed, giving you access to all of the iPhone 6's features. Offering next generation protection via its Aluminum bumper case you won't have to worry about whipping out your new iPhone 6 again, with creator BRIC promising no bending, crashing, shattering or signal loss.

Beats by Dr. Dre Pill XL

£269.95 ($269.95, AU$399.95)

Beats by Dr. Dre Pill XL

Turn the iPhone 6 into an awesome speaker system

It might be pricey, but if you want to keep the party going with your iPhone 6 as the DJ, the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill XL Bluetooth speakers are a worthy investment. They can wirelessly connect to the iPhone 6 and other Bluetooth devices and come with a 15 hour rechargeable battery.

A visible battery gauge lets you know how much power you have left. If you're feeling particularly flash you can buy a second Beats Pill XL and connect them together for some cheeky stereo sound.

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