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The best Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ prices and deals: January 2016

galaxy s6 edge+ deals

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is Samsung's most premium phone ever, boasting fantastic build quality and an awesome 5.7-inch screen which curves around on both sides. In essence it's a cross between the original Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5 which isn't currently scheduled for availability in the UK. The real difference between the Edge+ and the original S6 Edge is the increased screen size – obviously – and the amount of memory. The Edge+ has 4GB while the smaller Edge has 3GB. The system memory doesn't often make a dramatic difference, so you'll be wanting the Edge+ only if the bigger screen is particularly appealing to you.

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edge+ deals

The best Galaxy S6 Edge+ deals:

samsung galaxy S6 edge+ plus deals

Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB
Given the epic scale of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+'s 5.7-inch display is 32GB of storage a bit marginal? That depends. If you plan on capturing copious quantities of 4K video with the fabulous 16MP camera, you'll that 32GB up faster than you can say 30 frames per second. Really big music libraries and lots of memory-hungry apps can eat into storage, too. But if you think 32GB is enough, you'll get one of the slickest, most powerful smartphone ever created. The build quality of the alloy and glass chassis is plain brilliant, too. Then there's the unbeatable all-round feature set that includes frills like wireless charging and 4GB. It's an outstanding all-round effort from Samsung.

samsung galaxy S6 edge+ plus deals

Galaxy S6 Edge+ 64GB
Here's a surprise. Samsung doesn't offer a 128GB version of arguably its swankiest handset, the Galaxy S6 Edge+. If that seems odd given the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are both available in 128GB trim, there is a reason. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a very pricey handset by any metric. And a 128GB model would simply be too expensive for most buyers. Still, 64GB will be plenty for most people and it's enough to make the most of the Edge+'s frankly fantastic all-round feature set and performance. The Samsung Exynos 7420 delivers a knock-out whammy courtesy of octo-core combo of four high performance cores for when the going is tough, plus another four for when you want to sav some juice. The battery is a big old beast, too, at 3000mAh, which is handy because you'll want to make the most of the glorious 5.7-inch AMOLED display and its funky curved edges.