Where can I buy the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5
Grab the S5 in drab black or white at most carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to arrive, and although it's not a major overhaul of the last flagship, chances are you still want to get your hands on it.

After all, despite lacking any earth-shaking additions, it still improves on the Galaxy S4 in almost every way.

So where can you get it? Start here.


T-Mobile has announced that it will put the Galaxy S5 up for pre-order on Monday, March 24.

The "un-carrier" says customers who pre-order by March 31 are "guaranteed" to be among the first to get the new flagship without having to wait in line.

T-Mobile customers can put $0 down on the S5 but will make up for it with 24 monthly payments of $27.50, for a total cost of $660. Naturally T-Mobile will pay your early termination fees from other carriers if you're new to the network as well.

No further word yet on when the T-Mobile Galaxy S5 will actually ship out, but it looks like it will still be after March 31.


The AT&T Galaxy S5, on the other hand, is available for pre-order now in charcoal black or shimmering white. The carrier told TechRadar on April 8 that it would begin carrying the Samsung flagship in stores on April 11, along with the new Gear family of wearables.

Those who pre-ordered the device may start to see if before April 11, a spokeswoman told us.

In typical AT&T style, the Galaxy S5 will cost you $200 with a two-year contract, and the carrier says it ships April 8.

On the other hand, you can always pick up the Galaxy S5 from AT&T sans contract for $650, or with a Next plan for 20 monthly payments of $32.50 (which add up to - you guessed it - $650).


Sprint is offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 for pre-order both online and in stores.

If you want to get it online you'll need to pay the typical $200 with a two-year agreement, but if you're OK with leaving the house and going into a Sprint store you can sign up to get the Galaxy S5 with a Sprint Framily plan.

That will set you back by 23 monthly payments of $27.09 plus one final payment of $26.92, since it's apparently really important to Sprint that the total adds up to exactly $649.99.

That said getting the S5 on-contract also gets you a $50 mail-in rebate reward card from Sprint.

Sprint tells customers that Galaxy S5 reservations are "going fast." It should appear in stores April 11.

US Cellular

US Cellular began offering the Galaxy S5 for pre-order March 21.

The carrier is selling the new Samsung flagship for $200 with a two-year contract, after a $50 instant rebate, with an additional $50 Google Play credit - not a bad offer - for those who pre-order online.

US Cellular estimates pre-order shipments will go out April 9, while its S5 will appear in stores April 11.

It's offering the Galaxy S5 in shimmery white and charcoal black.


Verizon is now taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 as well.

Like the other US carriers Verizon is offering the latest Samsung flagship for $199 with a two-year contract, but its standalone version is slightly cheaper at $599.

You can also get it for 24 monthly payments of $25.22 (a total of $605.28) through Verizon Edge.

Interestingly Verizon is also offering a second phone - either another S5, an HTC One M8, or a Samsung Ativ SE - for free (or for $50 with a $50 mail-in rebate in the case of the S5) to users who buy a Galaxy S5 on-contract and agree to sign up for a second two-year contract as well.


T-Mobile-owned MetroPCS is the latest carrier to join the Samsung Galaxy S5 party, announcing the phone's availability in mid-April.

Like the other US carriers, MetroPCS is offering the S5 for $649 off-contract.

Given MetroPCS's contract-free model the carrier won't offer the $199 two-year price that other carriers do, but Metro's $40, $50 and $60 plans should prove attractive alternatives.

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