First iPhone call made on a UK network

With numerous reports on Apple iPhone hacks in the past few days, it won't be long until users can make the device work on non-AT&T networks

A UK Apple iPhone owner has reportedly hacked his device, succeeding in making a call using Apple's new handset in this country. The first ever UK call on the Apple iPhone was made on Vodafone's UK network.

Months before the Apple iPhone is due to go on sale in the UK, a man known only as 'AJ' bought a prepaid card for AT&T - the network used exclusively for the Apple iPhone in the US - on auction website eBay, The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported.

'AJ' claims Vodafone staff helped him add the SIM to his UK mobile contract using an O2 XDA handset and the iASign software we reported on yesterday.

Staff helped him add the phone to his current Vodafone contract, and when he got home, 'AJ' put the AT&T SIM card back into the Apple iPhone and activated it using iASign. He then went on to make what could be the first UK call on the Apple iPhone, using the Vodafone network.

Yesterday, we reported on hackers using iASign to activate Apple iPhones on non-AT&T networks. By using the iASign software, users can make the Apple iPhone work with existing SIM cards registered under AT&T or Cingular, and possibly mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) SIM cards on the same network.

This would enable you to pick up an Apple iPhone, put in your current SIM card and... well, see it work!