3GSM 2007: i-mate unveils new mobile set

Each device is specified at a pretty impressive level

Mobile company i-mate today announced an array of new products and services including a range of mobile devices for business users and consumers. The 'Ultimate' range is a collection of 3G Windows Mobile handsets.

The new line-up consists of five devices to suit different kinds of needs, from candy bar design to PDA to a notebook replacement. With a 530MHz processor, XGA direct video out, HSDPA connectivity and 262k colour VGA LCD touch screen, each device is specified at a pretty impressive level.

Jim Morrison at i-mate said: "2007 will see i-mate offer a portfolio of new and iconic devices and highly sophisticated services."

"The Ultimate range, with its great design and strong specifications will appeal to business users who require, as the name implies, the best combination of innovation, design and technology. Each of our devices is designed with different users in mind, giving our customers real choice."

i-mate is also launching the JAQ4 which will ship with the newly announced Windows Mobile 6 operating system

"People today are looking for a sophisticated phone that helps them stay connected to the communities and information they need, in a style that meets their requirements," said Pieter Knook, senior vice president of Mobile and Embedded Devices at Microsoft.

"The combination of i-mate's new Ultimate line and Windows Mobile 6 will deliver a powerful range of phones that bring a familiar, personal computer experience to the small screen with features that help customers stay on top of their jobs when they're away from the office."

James Rivington

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