Larry Page: Your Android battery life should last a day

Larry Page and Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt and Larry Page at Google Zeitgeist

If your Android phone's battery doesn't make it through the day, there's "something wrong", says Larry Page, co-founder of Google.

Speaking at Google's annual partner forum, Google Zeitgeist, Page said in response to an audience question about whether Google would address issues with Android's battery life, that he has found the battery life to be "pretty good."

After offering to personally debug the phone, Page went on to suggest that it's the apps that are causing the problem, which caused one TechRadar team member back at the offices to tweet: "'cell standby' and 'phone idle' seem to be the things that chow down on my battery."

"I have noticed there are a few people who have phones where there is software running in the background that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly. If you are not getting a day, there is something wrong."

"The primary consumer of the battery life on these phones is the transmit/receive circuit. So tuning that and obviously figuring out a way to not use too much of that extends your battery life," added Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

"And people bring in applications that are not particularly smart about that, which is what Larry is trying to get at."

Page jokingly offered fix to the problem himself: "We can give you a bigger battery probably. I'll see you afterwards."

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