iPhone app for Google+ social network 'coming soon'

Google Plus for mobile - iPhone app coming soon
Google Plus for mobile - iPhone app coming soon

An iPhone app for the Google+ social network is on its way, with the search giant confirming that a native application is coming soon.

With people still scrabbling for an invite to the Google+ social network, it is still early days for a new social network, although hopes are apparently high within Google that this will not go the same way as the disappointing Google Buzz.

One of the key factors in success is a useful phone application and, although an Android (2.1 and up) version is, as you would expect, available at launch, no other mobile OS has its own app.

Coming soon

However, the company has confirmed on its page that it is working on an iPhone app, labelling the phone with 'coming soon'.

People with an iPhone and access to Google+ can use the browser to access the service for now, although that obviously lacks the elegance of a native application.

For those of you with BlackBerrys, Symbian or Windows Phone 7 handsets the wait may be a little longer.

It remains to be seen if Google's mixture of social circles, hang outs and sparks can lure people in at the volumes needed to reach social tipping point.

But at least iPhone users will have the chance to +1 it on their handsets without resorting to the browser soon enough.

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