Latest leak sizes up larger iPhone 6 case mold to the iPhone 5S

iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 appears both taller and wider than its predecessor

The iPhone 6 is going to be bigger, right? That's what logic and the latest leak suggest.

As Apple's competitors continue to make ever-growing smartphones, the iPhone maker keeps playing catch-up. But judging by the iPhone 6 case mold we're looking at above, Apple may finally be falling into step with everyone else.

The new images come from the blog of smartphone accessory maker Bling My Thing, which shared no hints about their origin.

But they allegedly show the hyper-accurate mold that Apple has sent to iPhone 6 case makers so they can ensure the products they're making are ready for the new iPhone at launch.

Bigger and better

The iPhone 6 mold appears to be taller and a bit wider than the iPhone 5S, just as previous rumors have said it would be.

And the new iPhone's bezel looks smaller than ever on this monotone mold.

iPhone 6 mold

Notice where the camera slot is (credit: Bling My Thing)

Additionally, it looks like there are some other, more subtle changes, such as the light sensor possibly being moved above the ear speaker and next to the front camera.

Interestingly, if this mold proves accurate then some of the more outlandish iPhone 6 rumors - like that it will feature a flexible display or lose the home button - will be debunked.

The latest rumors peg the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display, Apple's 2.6GHz A8 processor, and just .22 inches of thickness. An even larger version reaching above 5 inches as also been suggested.

We may not need to wait quite so long to find out, in any case, since multiple reports have said that Apple will unveil a phablet-sized smartphone as soon as June.


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