Overnight news roundup: 26-27 November

Surveys show that phishing seriously damages the value of brands, which is why companies like this one make every effort to stop it.

If you're one of the people who has been duped by a phishing scam, you have probably lost all faith in the brand concerned, according to an online survey conducted by research firm YouGov on behalf of Cloudmark.

The survey asked 1,960 respondents if phishing attacks played a role in a customer's perceptions of a given company and the results were not promising. According to YouGov, 41 per cent of respondents claim their trust in financial institutions would be reduced by phishing attempts, while 40 per cent felt the same for an internet service provider, 36 per cent for an online shopping site and 33 per cent for a social networking site.

Brands mean nothing after phishing attacks

"What is interesting to note from these results is that well-known brands are also suffering, with phishing attacks having a detrimental effect on their reputation," Cloudmark's UK technology chief Neil Cook said in a statement. "This knock-on effect will be particularly worrying for the banks, who rely on a high degree of trust with their customers."

Interestingly enough, about one quarter of the respondents acknowledged that they were responsible for protecting themselves online, while almost 23 per cent hold ISPs responsible.

Most targeted European domain is .uk

Finally, the survey found that .uk domains are those most targeted in phishing attacks in Europe and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an end to phishing attacks in sight.

TAG Heuer, best known for being one of the world's premier Swiss watchmakers, has announced that it will begin producing luxury mobile phones. The company has licensed its name to a French customized design manufacturer called Modelabs, which promises to bring a luxurious experience to mobile phones in the vein of previously released Prada and Armani devices. The company expects the TAG Heuer mobiles to hit store shelves in the second half of 2008.