HTC One gets battery bump: becomes TechRadar's third 5-star smartphone

HTC One gets battery bump: become's TechRadar's third 5 star smartphone
How good is the One? Five star good

We have already crowned the HTC One the "best smartphone in the world today", but the Taiwanese flagship can now add another accolade to its hall of fame - a five star TechRadar rating.

The HTC One managed to garner a more than respectable four and a half out of five during our initial review period, but serious concerns over the handset's battery life meant it missed out on full marks.

But not any more! HTC has been busy in its smartphone labs and the latest software update pushed to the aluminium clad device has seen battery life greatly improved, while also boosting a number of the camera features.

Five of the best

Now it's not often a smartphone gets awarded TechRadar's top honour, with only the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S2 managing to garner the coveted five star rating previously.

TechRadar's Phones and Tablets Editor, Gareth Beavis said: "The HTC One is a phone nobody would have seen coming last year, but we've got to take our hats off to the Taiwanese brand for making something so usable and well designed, while bringing genuine innovation in the camera and audio departments.

"That's not to say the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 aren't amazing phones, but the HTC One is closing in on flawless now that it's sorted out the battery issues we found first time around."

If you're wondering how the HTC One stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z then check out our smartphone showdown where the three power houses go head to head.

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