Apple gives a peek at Siri's new iOS 10 third-party app powers

Here's a look at how Siri uses third-party apps in iOS 10

Just ahead of its big iPhone 7 announcement next week, Apple showed off how its upgraded digital assistant Siri handles the latest skill in its repertoire: third-party apps.

Announced during WWDC earlier this year and debuting on iOS 10 later this month, the upgraded Siri can now work directly with apps outside of the ones that come standard with every iPhone.

Users can now ask Siri to hail a cab, message friends, set up calls over the internet, search photos online, and even make payments with a simple voice command.

Siri, show me your new features

For example, you can now arrange a ride home using Lyft, Uber, mytaxi or Didi Chuxing by just requesting a ride home and what service you'd like to use. From there, Siri plots the route, orders the car, and even shows you the fare for your approval before pulling the trigger.

Catching rides with Siri on iOS 10

You can also use Siri to pay a pal back for dinner or cover utilities before you inevitably forget by saying "Send So-and-So $10 using Monzo," or "Hey Siri, pay What-s-His-Face $79.99 using Cash.

Also, to ensure nobody impersonates your voice for some quick cash, Siri will ask for a Touch ID input before finalizing any monetary transactions.

Make payments with a single voice command

Additionally, the new Siri supports messaging programs like Skype, WhatApp and LinkedIn - ensuring you can reach friends, family and co-workers hands-free without needing to resort to Apple's proprietary messaging apps.

Now Siri isn't constrained to the proprietary SMS app

Finally, Siri can search pictures on command. Using apps like Pinterest and LookLive, you can look up celebrity outfits, plot fashion ideas for the coming fall, or stylize a selfie in your Camera Roll with apps like Pikazo.

But where's the rest?

While we'd expected more services get the Siri treatment, ("Hey, Siri, preorder me that special edition of Persona 5 on Amazon"), it seems only six types of apps currently have the okay for Siri integration, 9to5 Mac points out.

These categories include ridesharing, messaging, photo search, payments, internet calling and workout programs - cutting out some key everyday apps like alarm clocks, streaming services, music/podcasts, games and online shops.

Though disappointing, we can see Apple expanding Siri's bag of tricks in later iOS iterations. Personally, we'd love to use the AI to motivate our lagging Duolingo regimen - "Hilfe, Siri! My trip to Berlin in in two weeks!"

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