Android activations now up to 900,000 a day

Android activations now up to 900,000 a day
Closing in on the million mark

Head of Android Andy Rubin has used Twitter to quash rumours he is leaving Google and also reveal a new stat about the company's Operating System.

There was speculation that Rubin may leave his post as the boss of Android at Google, after tech writer Robert Scoble posted a rumour on his Google+ account that this was this case.

But Rubin has taken to Twitter to explain that he definitely wasn't leaving Google – it was thought he may go to join start-up CloudCar – and he also revealed the number of handsets are activated on a daily basis.

"No plans to leave Google," explained the tweet. "And for meme completeness – there are over 900,000 Android devices activated each day."

This was Ruben's eleventh tweet since joining Twitter back in 2010 and the reason for the 'meme' mention is that over half of these have been boasting about Android's numbers.

Not going to the Cloud

That number, without the need of a drum roll as we have already revealed it in the headline of this article is 900,000 – a 50,000 device improvement on the number Rubin revealed back in February at Mobile World Congress.

According to the Verge, the reason the rumours about Rubin leaving came about was because CloudCar, a startup that offers visual voicemail and voice texts among other things, is part of Rubin's own business 'incubator'.

With the arrival of WWDC 2012 today and the impending launch of iOS 6, it will be interesting to see how Apple's numbers compare to Google's own OS.

Via The Verge

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