iPhone HD found again - torn apart this time

Yet another 4th-gen Apple iPhone prototype is spotted in the wilds, this time with an Apple-branded processor

Yet another purported fourth-generation Apple iPhone HD has been discovered and subsequently torn apart, this time by the Vietnamese website Taoviet.

The pictures look convincing, for sure, but it seems strange (to say the least) that Apple should somehow have lost or mislaid yet another fourth-gen iPhone prototype.

No doubt the story as to how that happened is going to end up being far more interesting than the pics of the device itself.

Apple-branded processor

Until that story is told, however, let's have a look at what Taoviet is reporting to be inside the new iPhone.

The Vietnamese site has what appears to be the 16GB model, in place of the XXGB placeholders on the backside stamp, very much like the one Gizmodo bought last month.

iPhone 4g

Apple iPhone 4G: Contains an Apple-branded processor (image courtesy of Taoviet)

Engadget notes that the pair of screws at the bottom of the device are gone, which is the main difference to the unit that Gizmodo had.

The teardown pictures of the device also show an Apple-branded processor, which won't come as a surprise to many after Apple announced its own processor in the iPad earlier this year.

The new iPhone announcement is likely to land on 7 June, when Steve Jobs takes to the stage at WWDC - we just think this year his 'one more thing' will be pretty dull compared to previous years...

Via Engadget and Taoviet