PCMag owner J2 Global buys sixth VPN provider

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Publishing and SaaS behemoth J2 Global has quietly acquired certain assets owned by ibVPN, a VPN provider (opens in new tab) based in Romania.

We reviewed ibVPN a while back and found it offered an interesting array of privacy and VPN features. “It's not always easy to use and we found speeds could be below average on a few locations, but it's worth taking the 24-hour trial for a spin, to see how the service works for you,” wrote our reviewer.

J2 Global, owner of IGN and PC Mag, also confirmed it has snapped up software firms Kickbox and SpatialBuzz and divested VoIP (opens in new tab) businesses Fonebox and Zintel Communications.

VPN deal

The acquisitions are expected, according to a statement, to “grow the company’s global customer base, provide access to new markets and expand the J2 Global’s product lineup”. The terms of the individual acquisitions were not disclosed.

The company went on a shopping spree in 2019, adding VPN features to its popular testing service Speedtest and acquiring SaferVPN (opens in new tab), Encrypt.me (opens in new tab), IPVanish (opens in new tab), StrongVPN (opens in new tab) and Buffered VPN (opens in new tab). It has also started to bundle VPN services with Sugarsync (opens in new tab), its cloud storage (opens in new tab) offering.

It went on to acquire RetailMeNot.com and SRFax (opens in new tab), one of the few remaining online fax services (opens in new tab), in September 2020.

Earlier this month, the firm announced the pricing of a $750m offering of senior notes to pay back an existing $650 million loan that was due to mature in 2025.

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