Best VPN for business of 2023

The best business VPN services make it simple and easy to securely and safely connect to your business IT network.

A VPN does this by maintaining a closed internet connection between devices, which protects data and privacy for both the employee and the employer. Personal use VPN's can come with a number of useful features and tools, but a business VPN has these plus extra setup and management options to allow the VPN software platform to be rolled out across multiple devices for multiple users. This makes it easy to manage access for a large number of users, so they can safely access office networks, cloud services, and other essential resources.

This makes business VPNs generally easy to install and manage, plus they can be scaled to fit the organization’s needs as it grows, which can be essential to small businesses which otherwise have limited resources to dedicate to managing security.

We've compared a wide range of business VPN services across numerous aspects, from their security levels and speeds to their interface and ease of setup. We considered the number of devices they support, their pricing plans, and overall performance, among other things.

Below we list the best business VPN services currently available.

We've also featured the best free VPN.

The best business VPNs:

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1. Perimeter 81 is the best business VPN
Save 250+ yearly hours on manual configuration. Deploy your entire organization within a single day. Learn why Perimeter 81 is TechRadar's choice for the best Business VPN.  Ditch legacy hardware and make the move to the cloud. See how simple it is for yourself.


2. NordLayer - a close second from a huge name
You'll likely have heard of NordVPN - you may even use it at home! Formerly known as NordVPN Teams, the enterprise version is equally as impressive and comes in a little cheaper than Perimeter 81. It has tons of servers, double data encryption, fully functioned kill switches and much more.


3. Twingate - mixing security with usability
Twingate wears its sheer ease-of-use as a badge of honor. It won't take your IT admins long to get this zero-trust network up and running, and then it will go about its security work efficiently in the background - you'll barely know it's there!

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The best business VPN of 2023 in full:

Best overall

Perimeter 81 website screenshot

(Image credit: Perimeter 81)

1. Perimeter 81

The best all-around business VPN service

Number of servers: 700+ | Server locations: 40+ | Email Support: Prioritized response | Single sign-on: Yes | Split Tunneling: Yes

Team and network management console 
Custom plan
30-day money-back guarantee
Minimum of 5 team members

Perimeter 81 is a top-notch business VPN for demanding users with complex network needs. It offers huge configurability and a raft of valuable tools and features for a very fair price.

Easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS minimize training requirements and ensure your employees can protect all their devices. And a network of 40+ data centers spread across 35 countries means there’s always a server nearby, maximizing performance.

You could use Perimeter 81 to connect to a single server at your company HQ. But you could also set it up as a full-strength Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP), protecting access to gateways and networks across all your offices, networks and cloud resources. There’s something here for every level of business.

Multiple layers of protection work to shield your data from attackers. Perimeter 81’s apps can automatically connect when your employees access public Wi-Fi, for instance. Multi-factor authentication via SMS and Google Authenticator ensure only authorized users can access your networks, and strong AES-256 encryption and leading-edge WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols keep their activities private.

Best of all, Perimeter 81 gives you total control over how the service works. You get to create and manage user accounts from a central dashboard. You’re able to organize them into groups – Sales, Accounts, Engineering, whatever – that define which network resources they can access, and which they can’t. Web and DNS filtering keep your users away from malicious websites, and you can even lock insecure devices out of your systems (anything without a working antivirus, say.)

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Best for customization

(Image credit: NordVPN)

2. NordLayer

Rebranded business VPN from the team at NordVPN

Number of servers: 1,100+ | Server locations: 30+ | Email Support: Standard | Single sign-on: Yes | Split Tunneling: Yes

Tons of servers
Strong security
Trustworthy brand
Fantastic apps on all devices
Limited central management of app settings

Formerly known as NordVPN Teams, NordLayer is the consumer VPN's solution for businesses and corporate users. Although it can’t match Perimeter 81 for configurability and user control, the VPN is better in almost every area, and there’s more than enough business functionality for many users.

Single-Sign-On support for Google, Azure AD and Okta allows employees to sign on with their existing business credentials, for instance, and two-factor authentication ensures only legitimate users can access their accounts.

Companies can get dedicated IP addresses which only they will ever use. Set up your work systems to allow only connections from those IPs and you’ll lock attackers out.

The feature-packed VPN offers a speedy network, powerful mobile and desktop apps, strong AES-256 encryption, a rock-solid kill switch, ad and tracker blocking, and automatic connection to make sure you’re always protected.

NordLayer’s central dashboard allows you to create accounts, assign and remove licenses, enforce policies such as two-factor authentication, and browse detailed reports highlighting which users and devices and highlighting particular networks and resources. There’s 24/7 live support to help you out, too, something you won’t see with most of the competition.

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Best simple alternative

(Image credit: Twingate)

3. Twingate

A well-priced business VPN alternative

Number of servers: N/A | Server locations: N/A | Email Support: Standard | Single sign-on: Yes | Split Tunneling: Yes

Built with IT admins and users in mind
Dedicated to security
Handy features
Support could be better

Although not technically a VPN, the zero trust network service Twingate does something very similar, allowing employees to remotely access office networks, cloud services and other resources from mobile or desktop devices.

Setup isn’t exactly difficult, but it requires more knowledge and expertise than a regular VPN. Getting started isn’t just about running a simple Windows installer, for instance: you must deploy Twingate on a local Linux server, Docker container, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure.

Once you’re up and running, configuration is relatively straightforward. You’ll specify the business network or resource you’re trying to protect; the users who can access that network; then ask those users to install the apps that will get them connected.

The real-world experience of using Twingate is far simpler than a VPN. Single-Sign-On allows employees to log in using existing credentials from the likes of Google, Azure AD or Okta. You can enforce multi-factor authentication and other requirements as necessary. After that, the app allows them to access business resources as required, no need to choose a location or tweak settings, while split tunneling means they can use public internet resources as before.

If you’re looking for a traditional VPN, and maybe thinking ‘but no, I really need to connect to New York later’, then Twingate probably isn’t for you. But the service could work for larger businesses with complex networks who need a simple but configurable way to control network access.

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Best for bonus privacy tools

(Image credit: Proton)

4. Proton VPN

A powerful VPN with secure email, cloud storage and a calendar service included

Number of servers: 1850+ | Server locations: 60+ | Email Support: European business hour | Single sign-on: N/A | Split Tunneling: Yes

Open-source and audited apps 
Loads of features 
No ‘minimum user’ figure 
Support available during European business hours only 

Proton VPN is best known as a great consumer VPN, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fast, with servers in 60+ countries, loads of features, and powerful open-source mobile and desktop apps.

But the company also has a Proton for Business plan, which combines the VPN with a bunch of other essential privacy and security services.

Proton Drive gives you 500GB of secure online storage, for example. Proton Mail is an end-to-end encrypted email service which supports up to 15 email addresses per user, and Proton Calendar supports 20 calendars per user, each shareable by link.

Simple team management tools allow you to add or remove users, enforce two-factor authentication, and support centralized billing.

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Best for advanced features

(Image credit: TorGuard)

5. TorGuard

An excellent business VPN for expert configuration

Number of servers: 3,000+ | Server locations: 50+ | Email Support: Standard | Single sign-on: N/A | Split Tunneling: No

Huge number of servers
Expert-level configurability
Average performance
Unimpressive with latency

TorGuard is an expert-level VPN with hugely powerful apps and some very advanced features. You can save and restore your DNS state, run custom scripts before or after connecting, configure the kill switch down to adapter level, and more.

This is great news for demanding users, as they’re able to do things that just aren’t possible with most VPNs. But if your employees aren’t so technical, they could be intimidated by the complex interface, and require more training and support over time.

Fortunately, there are a lot of compensations that everyone will appreciate. The support for using up to eight devices simultaneously, for example. The stealth options that get you connected while traveling, even in countries which block VPNs. And the amazing performance: we’ve clocked TorGuard at 950Mbps and more, making it one of the fastest VPNs around.

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Best for speed

(Image credit: Windscribe)

6. Windscribe

Fast VPN for business and individuals

Number of servers: N/A | Server locations: 110+ | Email Support: Standard | Single sign-on: N/A | Split Tunneling: Yes

Advanced features 
Blocks ads, trackers, malware 
No 24/7 support 

Got lots of hardware to protect? Unlike most of the competition, Windscribe doesn’t have any annoying connection limits, allowing you to install and use it on as many devices as you like.

There’s a lot to like about this service. The apps are open source, packed with powerful features, but generally easy to use. Strong encryption and a reliable kill switch keep your data safe; effective filtering systems protect users from phishing and malicious sites, and comprehensive browser extensions control cookies, block ads and do plenty more to keep your privacy.

Although it can’t begin to match the user management abilities of Perimeter 81, Windscribe does allow you to create and configure your own teams from a central dashboard, and support for centralized billing keeps life simple.

The real surprise here is the price, at only $3 per user per month, with a minimum of five users. And that’s not if you sign up for 10 years: it’s for monthly billing. If you’re looking for a simple VPN covering the business basics then Windscribe makes a great value choice.

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Best for individual users

(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

7. ExpressVPN

The best VPN for individual users

Number of servers: 3,000+ | Server locations: 160 | Email Support: Standard | Single sign-on: N/A | Split Tunneling: Yes