New LG OLED 2021 TV range has launched

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LG OLED TVs already offer the pinnacle of home entertainment, but the 2021 range is set to improve on that legacy even further. A new series of OLED televisions – the G1 Series, C1 Series, B1 Series, and A1 Series – has launched, and it's set to astound your eyes and ears alike.

It's easy to see the advantages that LG's impressive OLED televisions offer. The self-lighting pixels in OLED panels allow for astonishing brightness control and precision when it comes to which pixels are lit, which are off, and the infinite contrast ratio between them – something you simply don't get with traditional LCD TVs.

The deep blacks and bright highlights found with OLED make for a truly dynamic picture, with 100% colour fidelity to ensure hues look true-to-life and natural. 

The latest Dolby Vision IQ technology means that LG OLEDs are even able to sense the level of ambient light around them, and reactively calibrate HDR images for that perfect home cinema experience. 

Dolby Atmos support means that the entire range also packs in surround sound-quality audio, giving a sense of a movie theatre, a sports stadium, or a packed concert hall from the comfort of your own home.


(Image credit: LG)

Style, substance and streaming

OLED TVs don't need a backlight, making them some of the slimmest and sleekest televisions around. Whether you're mounting one flush against a wall, perching it on a countertop, or making use of the new Gallery Stand accessory to show your TV off in style, LG's OLED range can impress as a living room centerpiece or blend into the decor of your home.

LG OLED's flicker-free technology and certified low blue light levels make them a great choice for long films, TV show binges, or all-night gaming sessions, allowing you to experience the best in home entertainment in true comfort.

And when it comes to gaming, a breathtaking 1ms response time and super-low input lag will make sure games feel seamless and responsive, with imperceptible delays to the action. 

The HDMI 2.1 ports on the B Series, C Series and G Series mean you can make the most of next-gen consoles capable of outputting 4K resolution games at 120 frames per second – while support for ALLM (auto low latency mode), as well as screen-tearing reduction technologies like Nvidia G-Sync and VRR (variable refresh rate), will ensure your play sessions look smooth at all times too.

LG's world-beating webOS smart platform features all the streaming apps you could possibly need too, with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and Now TV – alongside full support for Freeview Play, the UK broadcaster catchup service for BBC and ITV channels, as well as Channel 4 and Channel 5. You can even access the streaming platform Twitch!


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The C1 Series

The C1 Series – which is now available to order – will be the go-to LG OLED for many this year, with the crisp detail of 4K resolution and a new α9 Gen 4 AI processor to elevate any source to sharp and colourful heights. 

This new chip automatically detects and optimises for the kind of content displayed onscreen, meaning you can sit back and enjoy the show without endlessly fiddling in your television's picture settings. 

The C1 Series, like the rest of the range, also features LG's famed Magic Remote, for a host of intuitive ways to interact with your television, whether scrolling, point-and-clicking, or verbally summoning content thanks to LG ThinQ or controlling your smart home via the built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support.

The G1 Series


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The G1 Series is LG's premium alternative, packing in the same format support, streaming apps, and 4K HDR capability, but with a new OLED evo panel enhancement that ekes even more brightness out of the OLED screen for a clearer and more impactful picture. 

The G1 is especially slim at just 23.1mm thickness (55" model), with a built-in flush wall mount to make it fit seamlessly against any wall in your home. A separate table stand or floor-standing Gallery Stand is also available to purchase separately. The G1 Series is on sale now.

The B1 Series


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LG's B1 Series (release date TBA) uses the same impressive OLED panel as the C1 Series, with a less powerful α7 Gen 4 AI processor to get this television into your home at a lower overall cost. 

The same lineup of streaming apps, Dolby Atmos audio, Dolby Vision IQ, and gaming functionality like VRR and ALLM mean you’re still getting a broad set of features in a slim and stylish display.

The A1 Series


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The A1 Series (launching April 10) is a new debut for 2021, offering a more entry-level OLED TV with 60Hz display, though still with the vast majority of perks and technologies of the other televisions above. 

Its α7 Gen 4 AI chip offers capable processing in line with the B1 Series, while the inherent picture quality of OLED plus Dolby technology make it a great choice for movie lovers. 

If you're after an affordable OLED TV that doesn't compromise on performance, this is the set for you.