New Apple Watch is $198 for Black Friday, but deal expires before Cyber Monday


Today's Apple Watch Black Friday deals in the US solve one of the biggest complaints we have had with the iPhone-compatible smartwatch since the beginning.

Well, it's  Black Friday 2016 and the new Apple Watch is on sale for $198 at Target, falling below the $200 price point for the first time during the holiday season. 

Every other day but Black Friday weekend, this iWatch normally sells for $270. That's a $72 discount on the refreshed Apple Watch. 

Now, it's not the Apple Watch 2, but it's also not the Apple Watch 1. This is the newer Apple Watch Series 1 that comes with the Apple Watch 2 dual-core processor.

That means it's just as fast as the Apple Watch 2 at $369, which doesn't have a Black Friday deal anywhere we have seen. It's our recommended Apple Watch for most people. You're just missing out on GPS and waterproofing, so unless your a running or a swimmer, this shouldn't matter very much.

This Black Friday deals expires soon

Not surprisingly, this is a limited-time Black Friday deal, as it expires at the end of the day on Saturday, as soon as Cyber Sunday begins.

There's no telling if Target or any other US retailer will keep the Apple Watch on sale through Cyber Monday. It may come as another deal, or go back to full price, but include a gift card bonus.

Your best bet is to order the new Apple Watch Series 1 right now, see if the deal gets sweeter (which it likely won't, according to Black Friday deal history) and either keep, cancel or return your new Apple Watch. That way, you're sure to get the best Apple Watch price no matter what.