Movavi makes it easy to copy any video from one device to another

Say you want to watch a movie on your phone, tablet or other non-traditional computing device, but you don’t know where to start. Movavi has the solution you’ve been yearning for. Its Video Converter Premium software may not be a household name, but it’s hard to see why. 

By making video format conversion as easy as unlocking a door, Movavi Video Converter Premium is our go-to for translating our favorite movies and shows into files that our mobile devices can digest. And it does so using over 200 presets for everything from the PS4 to the iPhone X.  

It used to be that you could simply extract video from a disc and play it on any device you wanted. Otherwise, you could opt to download footage from dubious sources on the internet, put them on a flash drive and watch them at work or school.

Nowadays it’s not that easy. Both iOS and Android hardware manufacturers keep their devices under lock. Without third-party applications, jailbreaking or rooting, you’re pretty much out of luck when it comes to averting the high costs of iTunes or Google Play rentals and purchases.    

That is, unless you shell out the cash for Movavi Video Converter Premium. With this program installed on your Windows PC or Mac, you can seamlessly convert movies into new formats as quickly as you can copy and paste them, thanks to the company’s own SuperSpeed technology.  

That will surely benefit those users looking to convert 4K UHD content, which can be sped up even faster by way of discrete and integrated graphics hardware acceleration. Regardless of whether your PC or Mac leverages Intel UHD Graphics 620 or an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, you can count on conversion rates that don’t disappoint. 

It all comes down to a simple button press. The question is: which button do you push? With so many options to choose from, Movavi Video Converter Premium is as versatile as it is robust. Though the friendly interface design may seem primitive at first glance, it’s chock full of advanced options for the most expert users out there. 

Not only can you use Movavi to convert MKVs to MP4s and vice versa; you can also take standard-definition videos and make them glisten like never before in crystal clear HD.  

Better yet, if you’re not sure what format your equipped hardware is compatible with, Movavi Video Converter Premium can automatically detect whatever machine is tied to your computer via USB. It’s the be all and end all for video conversion, letting you configure as few options as possible all the way down to specifying an exact bitrate and encoding type for every movie you toss at it. 

Ultimately, Movavi Video Converter Premium is an ‘omnivorous’ video file conversion application that has resolved the file incompatibility issues of 97% of users that have purchased the software. 

It takes only a few minutes to learn Movavi once it’s been downloaded and installed, and subsequently, it takes only a matter of seconds to decode and re-encode your files. If that sounds like something that would interest you, we recommend heading on over to the product page here and giving it a whirl.

Should it fail to satisfy your lavish video conversion desires, Movavi has made it abundantly clear that it cares about your opinions. Because it takes an agile customer development approach, it’s encouraged that you let the company know if you have any feedback. 

Maybe that’s why Movavi Video Converter continues to hold a leadership position in terms of media conversion market share, according to EMEA Market. Either that or the $39.95 starting price is justified by its unparalleled simplicity, speed and functionality.