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Dell Streak 7 on track to get Honeycomb upgrade

Dell Streak 7 on track to get Honeycomb upgrade
Streaky bacon with your Honeycomb, madam?

Erik Day, Dell's director of marketing for EMEA, has confirmed that the Dell Streak 7 will be getting an upgrade to Android 3.2 (Honeycomb).

Speaking to Thinq, Day demoed the softare on the 7-inch tablets at IFA 2011, but wasn't able to say when the Honeycomb update would come to existing Wi-Fi only Dell Streak 7s.

The Android 3.2 build of Honeycomb was intended to bring the tablet software to smaller than 10-inch slates, so it makes sense for Dell's 7-inch offering to be in line for the upgrade.


The Android 3.2 update will take the Streak 7 up to Honeycomb from the seriously outdated Android 2.2 that it's currently languishing on.

This means taking the 7-inch slate to heady new heights with scrollable widgets and apps, a new Chrome browser and a dedicated tablet-centric interface.

Although there are no minimum hardware requirements for Honeycomb, we're sure the Dell Streak 7 will be able to handle the software with its 1GHz dualcore processor; but that 800x480 screen resolution may yet let it down.

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