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Amazon 'in talks' with Google over Nexus 7

Amazon in talks with Google over Nexus 7
Will Amazon decide to stock its biggest rival?

Online retail giant Amazon is in talks with Google as it considers whether or not to stock the Nexus 7 tablet.

Amazon redefined the budget end of the tablet market when it launched its Kindle Fire device last year, with a 7-inch display and rock bottom price tag of $199.

The Kindle Fire limited in its reach, with Amazon only offering it to the US market and Google has taken advantage of that, offering its Nexus 7 tablet to a worldwide audience.

Competition hots up

There's no doubt that the Nexus 7 is the Kindle Fire's biggest rival, and it's come as no surprise that Google's tablet isn't currently available on the retail giant's website.

An Amazon spokesperson told TechRadar: "People higher up in Amazon are talking to Google regarding the Nexus 7."

There's rumours that Amazon is prepping its next tablet, the Kindle Fire 2, and it's unlikely it would want to detract sales of its own-brand product by stocking the Nexus 7.

Apple are also rumoured to be creating a budget focused tablet, with the iPad Mini on the cards for a possible Autumn release – so Amazon needs to be on its game.