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HP and Dell's Ultrabook schedules leak

HP and Dell's Ultrabook schedules leak
Ultrabooks: so slim, they're almost 2D

Intel's eagerly-awaited Ultrabooks are one step closer to your greasy mitts with details on HP and Dell's models leaking onto the internet.

HP will apparently start making its ultra-portable laptops by the end of the year, with original design manufacturer Quanta Computer readying production.

Dell's model - with a 14-inch display - is being designed by Wistron, and is expected to be unveiled at CES 2012 in January.


Specifications on the devices are scarce, but the devices will follow Intel's design specs, with Apple-esque super-thin cases, powerful processors, amazing battery life and USB 3.0 connectivity.

Dell and HP will both lag behind ASUS, Toshiba, Lenovo and Acer in getting their products to market - the latter are expected to launch Ultrabooks in the coming months.

The delay could be down to Dell and HP waiting for Intel's Cedar Trail processors, which are due to drop early next year.

Pricing is unavailable for Dell and HP's models, but Intel hopes they'll come in at under $1,000 (£646).

via SlashGear