ISPs ask government for help in securing web

Threats like phishing are not new, but people are still being defrauded of thousands of pounds because they don't know any better

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) has stressed the importance of cracking down on internet fraud criminals. The House of Lords raised serious concerns about personal internet security last week. ISPs now say they need help from the public as well as law enforcement in order to make a difference.

ISPA's Jessica Hendrie-Liaño said, "Personal internet security must be a joint effort between the internet industry, the government and its agencies and importantly, end-users. ISPA acknowledges that ISPs have a key role to play. A concerted effort to raise awareness of known risks and effectively enforce existing laws is also critical."

Many ISPs already offer easy-to-use tools like parental controls and spam filters to help us protect ourselves online. The ISPA has invited the government to support service providers in promoting awareness of the importance of internet security, of known security risks, and of how users can manage them.

"ISPA members regularly invest in educating their customers. ISPs provide advice and guidance on internet security, such as avoiding viruses, preventing PCs from being hacked, and limiting and reporting spam," said a spokesperson from the Association.

"ISPA advises all internet users to ask their provider about the safety features of their services and what tools are available. We also advise our members to be transparent about what features are and are not available."

James Rivington

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