Security expert critical of hacked Monster site

Spot the warning
Spot the warning

Security guru Graham Cluley has told TechRadar that he is 'surprised' Monster has not taken a more proactive approach to safeguarding its users following the confirmation that its database of job-seekers has been compromised.

Monster's massive worldwide database has been hacked, leaving the estimated 4.5 million users of with a major security issue.

Although the site does mention the problem, it's a small warning off to one side. No emails have been sent out to tell the site's users that their details have been compromised, leaving Cluley, of respected security firm Sophos, bemused.

"Not proactively contacting users is something that I find very strange," Cluley told TechRadar.

"They should be getting the word out to their users and not only [telling them] that their monster account has been compromised, but [to check] sites such as Gmail, Yahoo and Amazon where they might be using the same password to log in."

New password

Cluley is aware that the vast majority of people recycle passwords for online accounts and believes that the time has come for people to wise up about their internet security.

"It's staggering that people do that [re-use passwords]. Obviously, there are tools out there that help you maintain passwords and manage this kind of thing.

"In fact, lots of people use the same dictionary word for their password, which makes it even easier."

Expert advice

Cluley has some advice for those who fear that they could be at risk, which is basically anyone who has registered with a Monster site in the past.

"I would certainly change my monster password straight away and they I would make sure that I change any other accounts online that I use the same password for," he added.

"And make sure that you don't use the same new password for all the sites. It would be lunacy to repeat the same mistakes.

"It's a new year and I would suggest it's time for people to take a new outlook on passwords."

TechRadar has contacted Monster and is awaiting a press release from the company.

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