Google steps up its worldwide 'war for talent'

Google steps up its 'war for talent' as it moves into emerging markets
Google steps up its 'war for talent' as it moves into emerging markets

Google steps up its 'war for talent' this week, looking to hire over 2,000 new staffers worldwide.

Google is looking to move into new markets and, as such, is currently listing 2,076 positions on its website.

A war for talent

Google's finance chief told investors back in September that the internet industry was waging a "war for talent," and the latest round of new job vacancies clearly shows that this was more than a vapid PR line.

The number of job openings is up nearly six-fold from a similar tally of job listings pages conducted in March 2009.

Google has bought over 20 companies this year, which has brought the total number of staff worldwide to over 23,300 as of September 2010.

The latest number of total Googlers worldwide is up nearly 18 per cent since the beginning of this year.

"We've been ramping up our hiring and the number of open jobs over the course of the last year," said Google spokesman Jordan Newman.

Branching out from search

Google already owns around two-thirds of the global search market, and is looking to diversify into other markets, such as Android smartphone operating systems and web-based productivity apps.

Facebook is the biggest threat to Google in terms of attracting that all-important online advertising cash, while Apple is its biggest competitor in the fast-growing smartphone market.

Google announced that it was set to give all employees a healthy ten per cent rise earlier this month.

Check the Google UK jobs page if you fancy your chances as a Googler, which lists more than 70 current vacancies.

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Adam Hartley