Google launches new Book Search on Mobile

Google introduces Book Search on Mobile
Google introduces Book Search on Mobile

If you don't fancy shelling out all that money on a Sony Reader (or one of its many lesser clones) then Google's new Book Search for mobile phones could well be for you.

Google has made a huge library of classics available for you to read on your mobile phone, although TechRadar wouldn't advise that you spend too long squinting at the screen, unless you have an Apple iPhone or a similar device with a decent sized screen.

While we expect Amazon to announce the launch of the latest Kindle reader at a New York event early next week, Google's new mobile service is enough to keep us in eBooks for the time being.

Millions of classics

The service immediately gives you access to over 1.5 million books in your pocket, claims Google (though strangely only 0.5 million in the UK). The selection includes plenty of hearty literary classics from Dickens and others to warm your heart on the cold commute home.

Though if you don't fancy ploughing through Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Notes On Nursing by Florence Nightingale or the Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte on your mobile then you could of course always just... well... buy a book?

All the books are optimised for mobile phones, especially iPhone and Android handsets, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which works pretty well. Though of course, if you can afford a Sony Reader, then TechRadar would suggest you invest in one of those instead!

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Adam Hartley