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Big slice of pie: Google said to dominate with nearly 25 percent of internet traffic

Deepfield Google chart
What are you Googling?

We all seem to really love the search engine powerhouse that is Google (heck, we've even turned it into a bona fide verb), and now some evidence has cropped up that suggests its servers experience the most internet traffic in North America.

According to new research collected from cloud and internet data experts Deepfield, Google dominates the interwebs by currently being "bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined."

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Read that again. "Combined." That's pretty dang big.

Here are even more figures: Deepfield reported that Google now generates nearly 25 percent of internet traffic. Just three years ago, it sat at a measly 6 percent.

Traffic is a good thing for once

Deepfield anonymously used "core internet infrastructure (i.e. backbone routers)" to cull data sent from web browsers, cell phones, apps, devices like Roku, Xbox 360, Apple TV and so forth.

As presented in Deepfield's chart above, Google servers experience up to 62 percent of traffic from every single device that uses the internet at least once on a typical summer day.

Along with the usual browser, video streaming and search engine usage, the data company found that Google's traffic breadwinners also include its analytics programs, web hosting and advertising as major players in the web world.

However, the internet is constantly in flux with users sending data every minute which makes information difficult to extract.

Deepfield aptly called this study an ongoing process in creating the largest collection of traffic information on the continent.