Brad Pitt 'most dangerous man on the web'

The true face of Brad Pitt? No
The true face of Brad Pitt? No

Apparently Brad Pitt is officially the most dangerous man on the internet – with the movie star's name the most likely to direct users to a malicious site.

Anti-virus specialist McAfee, a company which seems to spend as much time coming up with creative data interpretation as it does safeguarding our computers, suggests that 18% of searches on Brad Pitt led to malware infested websites.

Cue a media frenzy which doesn't really explain that 'potentially' dangerous doesn't mean your computer will immediately seize up whenever Brad Pitt is googled.

Et tu Bouncie?

And celeb seeking men are not safe either with Beyonce in at number 2 in the 'dangerous' list.

McAfee's Jeff Green unsurprisingly drew the conclusion that people should protect their computers before using the search engine to look for pictures and wallpapers.

"Because of Americans' obsession with following celebrities' lifestyles, they are obviously an obvious target," said Green (which - the celebs or the people?)

"We have to take precautions in casually navigating the web, since many subtle sites may be rife with malware for consumers' computers."

Casual hex

Hear that? None of your casual navigation until you switch your firewall on and buy some decent anti-virus software.

Especially you Brad. We can see you googling yourself…

Patrick Goss

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