Huge iPhone 8 leaks detail Face ID, Portrait Mode 2.0 and Animoji

Non-stop iPhone 8 leaks are spoiling all of Apple's big surprises just three days ahead of Tuesday's launch event, detailing everything from Face ID to Animojis.

It should have Apple fans excited. Why? For one thing, their background-blurred portrait photos will look more more impressive thanks something called Portrait Lighting.

Portrait Lighting is rumored to be a Portrait Mode refinement that uses the dual-lens camera depth-sensing capabilities to create different lighting effects. It'll take advantage of machine learning to go well beyond adding bokeh.

It supports Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and Studio Light, according to the iOS 11 golden master beta leaked to 9to5Mac

But hold off on your first Portrait Lighting photoshoot appointment (aka bugging friends to take photos of you). It may not launch with the iPhone 8, but come out in beta, like Portrait Mode did when it launched with iOS 10.1 in late October 2016 (and, if you recall, Apple Pay did with iOS 8.1 in late October 2014).

Face ID is all like RIP Touch ID

As the Face ID leaks solidify, the chances of Touch ID making it into the iPhone 8 seem rather grim. But the good news is Apple appears confident in Face ID.

The Face ID setup process sounds a lot like Touch ID. It "performs better when all angles of your face are captured,” notes 9to5Mac citing the iOS 11 code.

You'll have to hold the iPhone 8 about 10 to 20 inches from your face and "tilt your head downwards, left, right and upwards." It's like leaving all angles of your fingerprint for Touch ID, but posing with your face.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Note 8 have a face unlock feature. It's not easy to use or completely secure. Hopefully Apple's is better. 

Get ready for Animoji

Apple's emojis are about to get a little more personal thanks to something called Animoji. Yes, that stands for animated emojis.

Animojis take advantage of the iPhone 8's 3D face sensor capabilities to mimic your facial expressions, like a raised eyebrow or a smile, reports 9to5Mac.

You can just see the Apple executive team on stage on Tuesday cycling through these emojis: unicorns, robots, pigs and then a poop emoji to a room of laughs.

The list of Animoji mirroring expressions is said to include raising left and right eyebrows, cheeks, raising the chin, opening or squinting eyes, moving jaw, lips, as well as mouth movements like frowning and smiling.

Just when you thought that Apple's Messages app wouldn't get any more busy with Snapchat-like features, Animojis are born.

Matt Swider