HTC Vive is $100 off for Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day 2017 is in full swing, and there are tons of deals available on a wide range of devices, including the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

HTC Vive is now $699.99, a savings of $100 from its everyday price of $799.99.

You'll need to have a Prime or Prime Student membership to take advantage of the on sale HTC Vive price. If you're not a Prime member, you can get a free trial right now.

The HTC Vive is the premier virtual reality headset, and to get an on sale price is a rare thing indeed. But the deal won't last forever - there's a countdown ticker to remind you that once the clock strikes midnight tonight, this $100-off bargain is gone for good.

HTC Vive deal on Amazon Prime Day

HTC Vive's deal comes one day after the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers bundle got a massive price drop to $399. The Oculus Rift discount isn't part of Amazon Prime Day and is valid for the next six weeks. 

While it has a higher price, the HTC Vive is the best virtual reality headset you can buy. 

One point in its favor against Oculus Rift is room-scale tracking, which gives you a better sense of physical space (and helps reduce nausea) while you're in VR. 

Whichever virtual reality headset you're leaning towards, now's a great time to buy either the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift at a discounted price. Just remember - these deals will be gone before long, especially for the HTC Vive.

  • It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale, with exclusive deals for Amazon Prime members – and if you’re not already signed up you can get a free trial today. Stick with TechRadar to find out how and when to grab all the best deals.