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How to watch Great British Bake Off 2020 online: stream Bake Off free in the UK and abroad

watch great British bake off online free
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All rise! Bake Off is here to quell the bitter taste of 2020 with something much sweeter - especially now that we've reached episode 6 and it's time for some Japanese-inspired sweet treats! Our amateur bakers will need to produce something elegant and refined this time out, in line with the exceptionally high standards of all Japanese cuisine, if they want to make it game, set and matcha this week! Want to see who has the most brilliant bakes? Then read on as we detail how to watch Great British Bake Off 2020 online and from anywhere in world right now.

Watch Great British Bake Off: when is Bake Off on?

The 2020 series of the Great British Bake Off airs at 8pm on Tuesdays on the UK's free-to-air Channel 4. Episodes are 75 minutes long. Bake Off can be viewed online live or on-demand via All4 in the UK.

If you want even more, Channel 4's spin-off show An Extra Slice is back with host Jo Brand and comedian Tom Allen, at 8pm BST on Fridays.

There’s probably never been a *batter* time for Bake Off. A major resurgence in baking amid the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly during lockdown, meant the UK became a nation of Mary Berrys and flour was very nearly added to the endangered species list.

Ensuring we all get our Bake Off fix this year, the show relocated to Down Hall Hotel in Bishop’s Stortford, where the competitors, crew, judges and hosts isolated themselves in a “self-contained biosphere” for six weeks. Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back, diving fork-first into finely iced cakes, mouth-watering meringues, and flaky pastries.

Meanwhile, Matt Lucas replaced Sandi Toksvig to join Noel Fielding as co-host: the two comedians bringing the yuks while the contestants bring the yums. The twelve participants have been revealed and are listed below - we won;t give you any spoilers on who has already left the tent hotel.

We can’t wait to see what delicious confections they create next…or to enjoy the spectacle of an epic baking fail in the process (#Bingate). Keep reading below as we explain how to watch Great British Bake Off 2020 - or the Great British Baking Show as they call it Stateside - online and for free, no less! 

How to watch The Great British Bake Off free in the UK

This is the eleventh series but the fourth to air on Channel 4, and you can watch it for free if you have a TV licence and aerial. Tuesday at 8pm is your time date for the bakes.

Viewers without cable or a TV antennae however can watch it online, either live or on-demand through All 4.

The All 4 app is available on most devices and will air shows live as well as at a later date, usually for 30 days after the original airing date. As we say, Tuesday evenings at 8pm is your time to tune in live.

How to watch Great British Bake Off online from anywhere in the world

For those outside of the UK that still want to follow all the Bake Off action, the best bet is a VPN. This means those travelling for business or on a leisurely break away can still watch the Great British Bake Off 2020 online live via an internet connection.

Once you get the right VPN you can enjoy a secure and speedy connection, even on open Wi-Fi networks found in hotels, so all the Bake Off brilliance is yours to enjoy via All 4. And even if you're not that IT savvy, don't worry. Getting a VPN is really, really easy. We've listed how to do it in three easy steps below....

1. Download and install a VPN
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2. Connect to the appropriate server location
Simply open the VPN app, hit 'choose location' and select anywhere in the UK - it's super easy to do.

3. Go to Channel 4's website
The station's All 4 service will be serving up slices of GBBO live ast they broadcast and on demand. It's the best legal way to stream every minute of The Great British Bake Off 2020.

VPNs are good for more than watching Bake Off, however. You're securing your online activity with a range of safety net features that keep your data private while also getting you into geo-blocked websites or Netflix regions you wouldn't otherwise be able to access.

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Great British Bake Off contestants 2020: who are they?

Once again there's a diverse selection of contestants under the big white tent, demonstrating their élan for cakes, pastries, and flan. Of the twelve, the youngest is 20 years of age and the eldest 61. They hail from across the UK - from Cornwall to Scotland - with a rich mix of cultural backgrounds inspiring their baking. The full list of bakers is:

  • Dave, 30, a punk-rock loving security guard from Hampshire.
  • Hermine, 39, a lover of high-end patisserie, born and raised in Benin, West Africa.
  • Laura, 31, a digital manager and lover of musicals from Kent.
  • Linda, 61, a retirement living team leader from East Sussex.
  • Lottie, 31, a "perpetually frustrated perfectionist" from West Sussex.
  • Loriea, a Jamaican-born diagnostic radiographer from Durham.
  • Makbul, 51, an accountant and beekeeper from Greater Manchester.
  • Marc, 51, single-parent, support worker, and bronze resin sculptor from Cornwall. 
  • Mark, 32, a project manager from Liverpool inspired by flavours of Asia and Africa.
  • Peter, 20, Bake Off fan and badminton pro from Edinburgh.
  • Rowan, 52, a music teacher and fitness enthusiast from Worcestershire.
  • Sura, 31, a pharmacy dispenser from London with a diverse cultural heritage.

How to watch 'The Great British Baking Show' in the US

watch great british baking show us

Yes, you read that correctly... in the US, the title has been changed to The Great British Baking Show. Why, we don't know. But it's great news for expats based in the US or those just wanting a slice of something as quintessentially British as afternoon tea.

Each episode will land on Netflix US three days after the UK air date, with the season premiere available to watch from Friday, September 25.

Our Great British Bake Off FAQ

What should we expect from GBBO 2020?

Everything's a little different this year, what with 'Rona lurking and all. But Bake Off will bring the feel-good factor, with comedian Matt Lucas joining Noel Fielding to encourage the twelve contestants as they bake their buns off. Check out the trailer above.

Who are the hosts of Great British Bake Off?

Paul Hollywood and multi-talented Prue Leith (restauranteur, businesswoman, novelist) return to judge the baking prowess of our twelve contestants. Funny man Matt Lucas replaces Sandi Toksvig as co-host this year - and admitted to being nervous about taking on such a high-profile gig - but he's safely paired with Bake Off regular Noel Fielding, who's been leavening the high-pressure competition with humour since 2017.

Who won Great British Bake Off 2019?

Despite having never won 'Star Baker' throughout the series, health advisor David Atherton went on to bag final place as the nation's best baker in 2019. Alice Fevronia came in second and Steph Blackwell was placed third.

Since Bake Off, South London based Atherton has gone on to pen a cooking column for The Guardian on food for fitness, and released My First Cookbook: Bake, Make and Learn to Cook in August of this year.

Why did Great British Bake Off leave the BBC?

The company that makes the Great British Bake Off said the move was not just about money, but it certainly did play a part. The rather unique viewer demographic of Bake Off, with 5 million under 34 at the time of selling, was far too appealing for an advertising-funded platform like Channel 4 to ignore.

The Beeb guidelines let it offer around £300,000 for a show of this kind. It bid a massive £500,000 per show, totalling £15 million. It was £10 million too little.