How Samsung Neo QLED TVs level-up home cinema performance

Samsung Neo QLED
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs are here, and you won't have wanted to upgrade your TV this much in years. They cater for a wide range of budgets, from the 50-inch £1,799 Samsung QE50QN90A to the glorious 8K, 85-inch Samsung QE85QN900A at £11,999.

The entire Samsung Neo QLED range is now available to buy at John Lewis, and you can currently claim up to £500 cashback when you do so.

The new Samsung Neo QLED TVs are packed with great new technology. Transform your viewing experience with next-generation Quantum Matrix Technology and epic 3D audio; delivering breath-taking brightness, extreme blacks and exquisite picture detail that guarantee to level up your viewing.

Let's take a closer look at the upgrades you can get with a Samsung Neo QLED TV.

Quantum Matrix Technology Pro

We'll start with a new generation of TV technology made for breath-taking picture quality. 

Quantum Matrix Technology Pro is engineered to control Samsung's ultra-fine, super-sharp Quantum Mini LEDs with intense precision. These ultra-focused lights deliver brilliant highlights and extreme blacks. 

The finished result is jaw-dropping picture detail that'll take your breath away.

Samsung Neo QLED

(Image credit: Samsung)

Infinity Screen

Blast away that screen bezel with Infinity screen. Big blockbuster or big match? They deserve to be watched on a fully immersive, cinematic screen. 

Samsung's stunning Infinity Screen brings you the world's first edge-to-edge viewing experience. Its ultra slim design and nearly bezel-less frame means nothing gets in the way of the limitless picture.

Quantum HDR 4000

Whatever's on the screen, see it in incredible depth and stunning clarity with Samsung Quantum HDR. 

Discover what's lurking in the shadows of a horror movie, and the true beauty of that sun-soaked beach. It's all thanks to industry-leading brightness* matched with incredible light control. 

Plus, HDR10+ fine-tunes every scene and brings out every delicate detail, even in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights - so the picture you see is unbelievably true-to-life.

Samsung Neo QLED

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Samsung Neo Quantum Processor 8K

Samsung's latest processor technology fine-tunes brightness and enhances contrast for an upgraded cinematic experience – whether you're watching the latest nature documentary or your favourite classic film. 

With a processor 16 times more advanced than its predecessors, it analyses and tailors the restoration of every frame you watch, pixel by pixel. 

That same smart AI also tailors the audio to your surroundings and automatically adjusts it to counter any noise, so you won't miss a thing.

Object Tracking Sound

An epic viewing experience deserves incredible audio to match. Object Tracking Sound PRO elevates your sound experience with ten built-in speakers that fire sound up, down, from the sides, and from the centre of the screen for thrilling 3D surround sound. 

From helicopters flying across the skies, to torrential rain storming down – the sounds is so real, you'll feel every moment as if you're actually there.  

Samsung Neo QLED

(Image credit: Samsung)

Meet the family

This combination of technology allows Samsung Neo QLED TVs to outshine in all environments. Watch TV with the curtains open, letting the daylight in? No problem, Samsung's critically acclaimed anti-glare TV screens and high brightness mean day or night, no moment will be missed.

Do you make your living room as dark as possible for movie nights? Samsung's Quantum Matrix Technology retains incredible black levels even in revealing spaces like this.

You get all of this even with the reasonably priced 50-inch Samsung QE50QN90A. This QN90A range is available in sizes up to 75 inches from John Lewis.

A jump up to the Samsung QN95A offers even brighter HDR and the Samsung One Connect box, which has four HDMI 2.1 ports and keeps cables out of view. Prices start at £2,199, for the 55-inch set.

Want 8K resolution? You need the Samsung QN800A or the top-end Samsung QN900A. They have an almost bezel-free Infinity Screen design and an advanced object-tracking 10-speaker sound system.

The entire Samsung Neo QLED family is available to pre-order from John Lewis today, and sets will ship from April 7th. Don't forget the up-to-£500 cashback deal when checking which TV matches your budget.

*65" QN900A with HDR 3000