DTS: Hi-Def audio 'needs its own HD Ready badge'

DTS wants more audio clarity
DTS wants more audio clarity

AV audio pioneers DTS believe that more is needed in the home-entertainment industry to promote audio, explaining that some sort of badge system would help consumers understand the importance of sound has in movies.

Speaking to TechRadar about the AV industry at the moment, Anthony Wilkins, Director of Marketing for DTS, said: "We do need a badge for HD Audio like what has happened with picture quality.

"HD Ready and 1080p are two logos that consumers now get and understand. Other than our own logos, there's no system for average consumers to know what good audio is.

"Consumers know that they are getting the higher experience in audio."

Sound advice

This push for getting the idea of audio codecs understood in the mass market is becoming even more of a problem with 3D, notes Wilkins.

"The industry doesn't talk about audio as much as it should, especially when it comes to 3D.

"All of the 3D demos I have seen at shows and in stores are in stereo – and this doesn't do justice to the overall movie experience."

As for Wilkins own opinion on 3D, he seems to think that wearing glasses will be the biggest obstacle for the format becoming popular.

"The need to wear glasses will put people off," Wilkins explained.

"Mass adoption of 3D is still a long time away. Will it happen? I don't know. I would rather have a 4k display than a 3D display."

Marc Chacksfield

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