We're here at PAX Prime 2013

Pax Prime 2013
The Pax Prime madness is palpable

TechRadar has landed in Seattle to bring you the latest news from PAX Prime 2013. This is the largest session yet of the renowned gaming convention, four whole days of console jockeys, PC diehards and tabletop fanatics.

PAX Prime officially begins tomorrow at 10am, but Seattle's Washington State Convention Center is already decked out with all manner of gaming paraphernalia as PAX Dev, the developer-centric forum similar to GDC 2013, wraps up.

Pax Prime 2013

Ziggs, keeper of the escalators at PAX Prime

The festivities will roll right into PAX Prime, beginning with the traditional Story Time keynote, where a gaming industry mover and shaker moves and shakes the crowd with the story of their life and career. At PAX East 2013 Cliff Bleszinski kicked off the proceedings and talked about his fascination with the Oculus Rift.

As is tradition at a PAX show, the festivities begin with a Story Time speaker. Peter Molyneux will be the one to kick off this year's Prime. Molyneux is the British developer most famous for creating the twisted Dungeon Keeper series, god game Black & White as well as Fable, which became a flagship RPG series for the Xbox and Xbox 360.

PAX Prime 2013

At PAX, you'd better believe you need stinkin' badges

This is a man whose been working in gaming since the Atari days. He'll undoubtedly have a lot to say to the PAX crowd about the future of the industry, and perhaps he'll even offer a comment on the future of Microsoft - the parent company he recently left in order to form 22Cans. He recently told TechRadar that he considers the backlash against the Xbox One "unfair"

This may be a gaming show, but we still expect to find plenty of hardware headlines. Both next-gen systems, the aforementioned Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 are both on hand, as are plenty of PC and gaming hardware companies.

We'll post impressions on the latest that all these companies have to offer, so keep hitting refresh for the latest on PAX Prime.