PAX Prime 2013: our 10 favorite moments

Pax Prime 2013
Bask in the gaming glory of PAX

Another PAX Prime has come and gone, leaving a mass of dizzied gamers in its wake. The latest generation of console were on display. Players lined up in droves to try the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

That wasn't all that PAX had in store. There were keynotes by the bucketload, as well as plenty of opportunities to sit down and indulge in some good old fashioned tabletop gaming.

If you couldn't be at the show, or you're already feeling some last week nostalgia, then let our wrap up take you back. We've got a list of our ten personal favorite moments from the show, don't miss our massive gallery of pictures from the show floor.

What was your favorite moment or game from the show? Make sure to sound off in the comments.

Pax Prime 2013

1. Peter Molyneux tortures, steals, unveils Godus

Peter Molyneux is known for two things: big talk and big games. And a name with an intimidating juxtaposition of vowels and consonants. Ok, so three things. The man's name is Mol-ah-know and it's synonymous with his hyperbolic game pitches (see the incredible Twitter parody @PeterMolydeux) and the infectiously playable creations that result. Games like Populous, Black & White, the Fable series, Dungeon Keeper and more.

Soon you can add one more game to that list: Godus. It's a god game, where all seeing, nigh all-powerful players can manipulate the people of their world and the world itself. While PAX Prime was the first public unveiling of the game, it has been available as a beta to Kickstarter backers for a while now.

Pax Prime 2013

Godus marks Molyneux's return to god games, a genre he practically invented and has frequently refined. The British-born developer displayed his trademark twisted sense of humor, explaining that the only thing he loves more than torturing "the little people" of his digital worlds is stealing the best bits from games he respects the most.

Molyneux said that if Minecraft-creator Notch made his open-world game the size of Neptune, Godus would be Jupiter. He also said that his latest project owes a debt to the Civilization series, and the "genius" of creator Sid Meier.

He elaborated on Godus' multiplayer, which elects a "god of gods." In fact, the first butt for that throne has already been chosen. A young lad named Brian will be first to reign, letting him modify gameplay rules. After six months a challenger can usurp his title if they're able to best him in battle.

Pax Prime 2013

2. First look at SteelSeries' game-changing PS4 headset

If you're a PC gaming fan, you've probably heard the name SteelSeries before. In fact, you might even be about to bang out an angry comment on a SteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard, or click away from this article in disgust on a Sensei Pro mouse. Well now SteelSeries is releasing yet another device perfect for venting digital rage: the H Wireless headset.

This one isn't just for PC gamers, now console players can get in on the fun. The H Wireless will be SteelSeries' most ambitious wireless setup yet, offering PlayStation 4 compatibility, in addition to working with all current-gen consoles plus PC and Mac. Unfortunately Xbox One compatibility may or may not be a thing; it's still up in the air.

Pax Prime 2013

Come for the compatibility, stay for the incredible OLED display. Its crisp white imagery makes mixing game and chat audio a breeze all the way from the couch. Before Pax Prime 2013, the H Wireless was a previously unannounced product, and TechRadar had the exclusive very first hands on with this new audio system.

PAX Prime 2013

3. Pre-order Xbox One or PS4? Adam Sessler weighs in

Unless you're a PC purist or have the good sense to wait until the hype dies down and the games get cheap, you've probably caught pre-order fever. So if you're not made of money and can buy both, you've got a tough call to make: do you pre-order an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4?

That's the question that our sister site GamesRadar posed to the PAX going crowd. It wasn't just convention attendees that they got on camera though. The beloved Adam Sessler, formerly of G4, now at Revision3 Games, gave his own highly diplomatic two cents.

PAX Prime 2013

4. Mega Man creator crashes Fangamer X Attract Mode

Have you ever witnessed a hundred simultaneous fanboy heart attacks? No? Then you weren't at Fangamer X Attract Mode when Keiji Inafune made a surprise appearance.

This was only the second time Fangamer and Attract Mode have teamed up at PAX, but it's fast becoming a tradition. A mix of live music, libations and affordable game-inspired art, it's a highlight of the PAX nightlife that spills out into Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

PAX Prime 2013

Everyone was perusing the prints and rocking out to Jake "Virt" Kaufman and other chiptune musicians when a hush spread through the crowd. Keiji Inafune, one of the chief brains behind Mega Man, Resident Evil, Onimusha and more had entered the building.

Inafune took the stage to talk up the Kickstarter for Might No. 9, his new side-scroller concept. He spoke in Japanese, but every time his translator put another sentence into English, the crowd roared and had the 48-year-old gaming legend beaming with pride. He announced that he would be auctioning his original No. 9 concept sketch for Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity, and waded into the crowd to pose for pictures with fans.

PAX Prime 2013

We're hoping that Fangamer and Attract Mode combine to form Voltron again at next year's Prime, or maybe even at East. Not just because the event attracts moguls like Virt and Inafune, but because it's one of the best mingling and art buying opportunities at the show. Sure you can chat with your line neighbors while waiting to play some Xbox One, but no one will be serving drinks and selling posters. Attract Mode is a total must-play.

5. GamesRadar picks the best games of PAX Prime

Now that PAX Prime has come and gone, what games must be played? Which should you pre-order and otherwise keep on your radar? GamesRadar has the answer.

PAX Prime 2013

From next-gen to current-gen, PC, console and mobile, this is the definitive list of the best that was ready to play at PAX Prime. Check out their list, make a few Steam purchases and you'll be able to bluff like you were right there on the show floor.

PAX Prime 2013

6. PC Gamer hosts the PC Gaming World Conference

Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light, the platform that stands tall, through the perilous console war fight? Pledge allegiance to the PC Gaming world congress, hosted by PCG editors Tyler Wilde andEvan Lahti.

The two gaming tastemakers held court at PAX Prime, with guests like Total Annihilation creator Chris Taylor, Day Z impresario Dean Hall, Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame and more. They discussed the ups and downs of their preferred gaming platform, and Wilde also got juicy new details on Everquest Next, the long gestating, much anticipated next-gen MMO from Sony Online Entertainment.

PAX Prime 2013

7. The uprezzed Oculus Rift goes 1080p

The Oculus Rift is the closest thing to virtual reality we've ever seen in our reality. We checked it out atE3 2013 and at CES 2013, but both times it was a 720p version, which can be awful grainy when your peepers are right up in the display.

PAX Prime 2013

At PAX Prime 2013, the Oculus team was showing off a full HD 1080p version of the Rift. 20-year-old-Rift creator Palmer Luckey was on hand, giving lucky attendees the chance to drive, fly and just plain gawk using his revolutionary headset. The Oculus folks told us that while they have no plans yet to start distributing the 1080p Rift (the current developer version is still 720p), full HD is the goal for the eventual consumer version.

PAX Prime 2013

8. The making of The Last of Us

Even though it was the umpteenth post-apocalyptic game, The Last of Us managed to be one of the most engaging and original PS3 games in recent memory. That's what made developer Naughty Dog's panel an absolute can't miss.

PAX Prime 2013

Not only did they expound on the game's original ending, they showed some awesome planning materials and revealed how they pitched the dark, mature game to Sony. They also showed a massive list of filmic inspirations for the game. All the obvious ones were there, end of days films like 28 Days Later, Children of Men, I Am Legend and more. Surprises included films with father-child relationships like War of the Worlds, Man on Fire.

PAX Prime 2013

9. The Xbox One and PS4 meet the adoring public

PAX shows are uniquely democratic gaming shows. Unlike E3, which is press and industry only, PAX is entirely open to the public. Anyone with the wherewithal to snap up a ticket may attend, and can evensubmit a panel idea.

PAX Prime 2013

It was at this year's PAX Prime that the next generation of gaming console truly met its public. Gamers from all over lined up to sample a slew of next-gen titles on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Of course, now the question becomes which will the people pre-order?

Read more: Xbox One vs. PS4

PAX Prime 2013

10. More indie than indie

PAX is known for giving floor space to both AAA and indie downloadables, video games and board games, but space is a limited and it can be pretty competitive (not to mention expensive) to show your game at the convention center.

PAX Prime 2013

That's why the Seattle Indie Expo is the perfect bit of counter-programming to the giant PAX event. If you needed a break from the crowd crush, or just couldn't get a badge, it was the place to be check out games like Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Skulls of the Shogun.

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