UK studio set to reveal new Sony NGP titles

UK-based developer Rebellion promises new NGP game to be unveiled at GDC 2011 this month

Leading UK games developer Rebellion has announced that it is set to reveal a mystery third person shooter game for Sony's forthcoming new Next Generation Portable handheld console soon.

Oxford-based Rebellion has now developed its own internal Asura Engine, to a point at which it is happy to announce it will "fully support" Sony's next handheld gaming device.

Asura has previously been used in PSP games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Alien vs Predator, Sniper Elite and Rogue Trooper.

NGP to rock GCD 2011

Rebellion will be showing a new fully playable demo of a multiplayer third person shooter for NGP at the forthcoming Games Developers Conference in San Francisco at the end of the month.

"The technology, design and art teams have worked incredibly well with Sony's newest device," said Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley.

"We have managed to make our engine fully functional, and looking great on the hardware in double quick time. We'll be attending DICE and GDC to show what we have created and look for business partners."

Rebellion's CTO and co-founder Chris Kingsley, added: "Our Asura technology has been architected from the outset to be transferable to new platforms. The ease in which we did this is a testament to the talent of our staff and the way we develop and manage our technology."

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