PS4 Pro isn't here yet, but HDR support is already coming to your PS4

One of the PS4 Pro's best features comes to every PS4 tomorrow

The just-announced PS4 Pro is still two months away, but that doesn't mean your old PS4 doesn't have one last trick up its sleeve in the graphics department.

Sony has announced that the version 4.00 system update for the PS4 is almost here, adding HDR support to all models, even those purchased back when the system launched in 2013.

After the update goes live on Tuesday, you'll find options to activate HDR in the console's Video Output Settings, granting high dynamic range goodness to your supported games and movies.

Just one catch

While all models of the PS4 are capable of having HDR support added, you will still need an HDR-compatible TV for the feature to work. It's also worth pointing out that HDR, while able to make your games look extra pretty, is not the same at 4K resolution, which is an exclusive feature of the PS4 Pro hardware.

Thankfully, the 4.00 system update still has much to offer for those without a high-power display in their lives.

In addition to an updated system UI and organization tools, the update will give the PS4's activity feed, music controls, and game info screens a fresh coat of paint.

Additionally, a quick data transfer feature is being added to help you port over your data to another machine, should you decide to upgrade to a PS4 Pro when it debuts on November 10.

Parker Wilhelm
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