Left 4 Dead 3 seen and Oculus Rift ain't Doomed, but Nintendo makes us cry

Left 4 Dead 3 spotted, Oculus Rift ain't Doomed, Nintendo makes us cry
Don't you (forget about a-me!)

It's amazing how much can happen in the world of gaming in just seven days. You might even say "It's been a roller coaster ride of a week" if you wanted a solid metaphor for when you're telling your gran just how much she's missed.

But we've no time for massive cliches here. So instead we'll say that it's been a rip-roaring thrill ride of nostalgia, new challengers, floating limbs and eating brains. With a dollop of doom thrown in. But only the good kind, we promise.

Left 4 Dead 3 seen at the Source

There's nothing better than a Valve leak, and there was some serious steam seeping out earlier this week with a picture snapped at Valve HQ that may confirm the existence of Left 4 Dead 3 and Valve's Source 2 engine.

Shock! Horror! Amazement! Yeah ok, we knew Source 2 was coming sooner or later, and Left 4 Dead 3 was hardly unlikely. But when it's Valve's fortress of secrets being penetrated, it's a big deal. Plus it means that the zombie shooter could be the next game that Gabe Newell and co are pushing out the door. Still no sign of another certain game with 3 on the end (you know who you are).

Streaming about Xbox One and PS4

As we rattle our way towards November, the Xbox One and PS4 news keeps coming by the bucketful - not that we're complaining. The focus of this week seemed to be on what you can and can't do with each console's online subscriptions.

Turns out that you'll need a Gold Xbox Live membership if you want to use the Xbox One's DVR feature, which lets you record and upload game footage, but you won't needs a PlayStation Plus subscription to use the same streaming features on the PS4.

However, Microsoft sweetened things by giving us our first look at the final Xbox One console as it will arrive for those who have ordered their "Day One" edition. And who's the familiar face doing the unboxing? Why, it's only Xbox Live chief and minor celeb Larry Hryb!

Nintendo: the glory years

Following last week's less-than-excellent Wii U news, and an announcement that the console is still selling at a loss, Nintendo took action this week and promised a return to better times. To do this, it released a manifesto of sorts that was packed with sumptuous artwork (Nintendo, why don't you do more of this?) and a vow to reclaim the throne by March 31 2014.

We'll admit to feeling a tug on the heart strings. It's painful to watch Nintendo's ambitious Wii U vision fall apart and part of us still believes it can reverse the console's fortunes and pull "a 3DS", despite the fact that the Xbox One and PS4 are going to dominate this Christmas.

Nintendo report

BRB, we've just got something in our eye. All of us.

But it's not all about Mario. Luigi also got his moment in the spotlight this week as he was announced as a playable character in Smash Bros 4. [CVG] And we also got a confirmed release date for the Wind Waker HD remake - October 4. Remember it well.

And speaking of the Wii U, we had another play with Rayman Legends this week - you know, the one that was meant to arrive back in February. There's no denying that the definite experience is still on Nintendo's console with its integration of the GamePad, despite the fact it's now launching on just about everything else.

We then sat down for a chat with the game's lead designer, Emile Morel, who told us that developers just aren't giving the Wii U an opportunity to prove what it can do. "I think it's a problem of not giving it a chance," he said.

Rayman Legends

Oh sure, NOW you're in a hurry

He even told us about some other ideas the team originally came up with, such as using the GamePad's microphone: "You could have some leaves on the ground and you could blow into the microphone to uncover some secrets." Sounded pretty gimmicky to us - and exactly the kind of thing the Wii U GamePad should not be used for - which is probably why the team ditched that idea in the end.

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