PS4 won't need PlayStation Plus to record and stream games

PS4 won't need PlayStation Plus to record and stream games
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PS4 owners won't require a PlayStation Plus subscription if they want to stream, record or share game footage with friends.

SCE Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida responded on Twitter to a fan asking whether a Plus subscription would be needed for recording and streaming gameplay, answering with a short but effective "no".

And in case anyone hadn't got the picture, he then reiterated this to two other people, confirming that "all" users will be able to take advantage of the feature.

Plus points

Sony's plan for streaming is to not only let you share your gameplay with friends, but let them take control remotely via Gaikai's streaming technology.

We now know that the Xbox One will require an Xbox Live Gold membership for users to be able to record and stream titles.

The PS3 and Vita can currently play online without a PS Plus membership, however the PS4 will be changing this by requiring a subscription for online multiplayer.

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