AMD believes the PS5 and Xbox Two will launch sooner than you probably think

PS4 and Xbox One
Hey, maybe Kinect 3 will be the real winner

Last year, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara told TechRadar that he believes the new console cycle might be shorter than the last - and AMD agrees.

In a Q&A at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch technology conference, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AMD, Devinder Kumar, said that he believes that the latest consoles won't last as long as their predecessors.

"The life cycle of the products are probably going to be shorter," he said. "Our customers are already thinking about what comes next."

Or will that be the Xbox One Two?

It's a significant remark from the company that provides the Jaguar CPU inside the PS4 and Xbox One, and produces the GPU for the Wii U.

Console developers tend to begin work on their next big project as soon as the current one is pushed out the door, so that's no surprise, but it could be that Sony and Microsoft are even further along the process than we'd expect. That seems to be what AMD is hinting here.

The last console generation lasted for around eight years, which was longer than would have initially been expected.

Nintendo has already confirmed that it has a "clear idea" of what the Wii U's successor will look like.

Via Examiner