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Amazon Prime just launched an awesome deal for gamers

Tomb Raider

Along with all the other benefits your Prime membership gets you, Amazon is now offering members 20% off new video games.

The 20% discount is only offered on physical copies of games, meaning no digital downloads, and is only available for pre-orders all the way up to two weeks after the game's release.

It seems to also be available for game accessories, like Nintendo's amiibo and Lego's Dimensions packs.

It's very similar to what Best Buy offers to its Gamers Club members, which also gives you 20% off new games, but of course an Amazon Prime memberships also comes with 2-day free delivery and access to Prime Video.

Amazon's 20% discount is applied during check out, and isn't offered on games that are bundled with consoles or those that are already discounted more than 20%, though that would have been amazing.

To see if the game you want is eligible for the discount, it should pop up on the "offer message" in the game's Amazon listing.

And if you're not a Prime member yet, the discount is available during the free trial period, too. It's just too bad it wasn't available during 2015's holiday shopping season.