WWDC 2013: all the latest news

WWDC 2013: all the latest news
Time to get excited

Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote brought with it news of iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, a new MacBook Air, a revamped Mac Pro and even an Apple music streaming service known as

iTunes Radio


So what exactly is new? Join us as we delve into the news:

Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple announced that 28 million copies of Mountain Lion have shipped since it was unveiled at last year's WWDC, meaning that 35% of Apple's Mac users are using it now.

But the newest version of Mac OS leaves the feline-themed names behind and instead takes California as its inspiration. The next version will be known as Mac OS X Mavericks and incorporates folder tagging, improvements to how the software handles multiple displays including AirPlay integration.

You can also make Finder full screen, for the first time. Not hugely sexy, perhaps, but it will please a few people we know.

Apple's also addressing battery life in its notebooks through Mavericks - there'll be compressed memory, accelerated scrolling and timer coalescing.

Safari's had a lick of paint in Mavericks, too - you'll be privy to a new sidebar that Apple describes as 'great' as well as feed of links shared on social networks from within the bookmarks menu.

The new Mavericks version of Safari will also come with iCloud Keychain, a new cloud-based password keychain that remembers your passwords and credit card details across your various devices. The security code, however, you'll still have to remember in your own brain - that's what makes it secure, after all.

There's a newly redesigned Calendar app which has done away with all that pesky skeuomorphism, as expected.

Apple's added its controversial Maps app to the desktop, which can send route plans to your iPhone and vice versa. There's some cool 3D flying around Paris to be done, and it also adds expected travel times to your calendar entries.

iBooks is coming to Mavericks too, with the ability to sync libraries across Apple devices. Not sure how often we'll be reading books from our computer screens, but since this was on our Mac OS X wishlist, we're pretty pleased with it.

MacBook Air

There's a whole new MacBook Air in town at the Moscone Center and Apple is promising all day battery life - and it's built on the new Intel Haswell chip which is designed for energy efficiency.

Nine hours of battery life for the 11-inch MacBook Air, Apple reckons, and seven hours for the 13-inch. Both models are in line for a price cut too.

New Mac Pro

As expected and hoped for and longed for by many is the new Mac Pro - Apple said this was a sneak peek, however, so we don't expect these to go on sale for a little while yet. "Later this year" is all Apple is letting slip.

The Mac Pro has been completely redesigned into a mad new cylindrical shape. Apple promises double the performance of the previous generation, as well as the fastest memory Apple has ever put in any product. Its hard drive is, Apple says, 10x faster than any previous Mac Pro.

It'll be rocking Thunderbolt 2 with 20Gbps throughput, with 6 devices per port and it's backward compatible.

The new Mac Pro can handle three simultaneous 4K displays, which is pretty much insane.

iOS 7

Apple has made iOS 7 official, with a whole new look to show off. Promising "amazing new features" and "stunning new user interface", Tim Cook described this as the biggest iOS update since the launch of the iPhone.

When Cook said 'stunning', he wasn't exaggerating - it's a really attractive design. Skeuomorphism is out and a hot new font is in.

Multitasking will now be available for all apps, while the notifications bar is accessible from the lock screen so you don't even need to unlock your phone.