WWDC 2013: all the latest news

Ahead of the show, some fuzzy and generally suspect images of what is supposedly a handset running iOS 7 surfaced showing a fairly unchanged homescreen with only a couple of tweaked icons to write home about.

Potentially more reliable are some iOS 7 screen mock-ups based on a beta preview that the crew over at 9to5Mac, showing off some pretty hefty design changes as expected.

With just hours to go, the WSJ reported that the new version of iOS will offer jazzed up photo and video sharing between iPhones, iPads and Macs.

What's definite is we'll see an iOS 7 preview of some sort, perhaps showing off revamped aesthetics, but definitely outlining some new and improved features; these could include a better Siri, more eyes-free car integration services, an improved lock screen or Notification Center, or even file-sharing via AirDrop.

And we're all hoping the company will finally let us delete the Stocks app.

OS X 10.9 preview

Mac pundits have claimed OS X 10.9 was held back to ensure iOS 7 ships on time. It's just as reasonable to imagine Apple's staggering its OS releases, and OS X 10.9 was always due later in 2013. Regardless, we'll be amazed if Apple's desktop OS doesn't make some kind of appearance at WWDC 2013.

Again, we expect some form of preview, most likely showing off interface upgrades and more glued-on bits of iOS.

Although rumours about iOS-style multitasking are baffling, we wouldn't say no to iBooks, Newsstand, Maps and Siri on OS X. And happily for us, reports have long surfaced suggesting that Maps and Siri are being tested for an OS X 10.9 debut.

At the eleventh hour, an SKU bug report has leaked suggesting that OS X 10.9 will be available to developers at the show itself given its listing as being at an advanced stage - specifically at 451 builds of the software. For context, Mountain Lion was Gold Mastered after 269.

WWDC 2013

Apple's rumoured to be overhauling OS X multitasking, making it more like it is on iOS. If so, someone at Cupertino needs a slap

What we'd love to see at WWDC 2013


With rumours that Apple now has deals with Universal, Warner and Sony Music in the bag, it looks as though we'll at least the fruity streaming service unveiled at WWDC 2013 - even if we have to wait a few months for a proper launch.

Hours before the big event, the WSJ reckons it has the inside track on iRadio making its debut at the show, including the 'facts' that iAds will form part of the service and there will be a 'Buy' button for downloads.

iLife '13 and iWork '13

Apple no longer refers to collection names - iWork is Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and iLife is GarageBand, iPhoto and iMovie - but we put the numbers above for a reason.

Check out the Mac App Store pages for the current versions of these apps and you'll see how neglected the OS X incarnations are; the ex-iLife apps still retain '11 branding, and Pages and Numbers still refer to '09.

On iOS, these apps are regularly updated, and include features desktop users would kill for. We'd therefore like to see Apple give its OS X software a little love - or at least dust off the cobwebs - and WWDC 2013 would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

An Apple TV SDK

Apple refers to the Apple TV as a hobby, but it's not even that for developers. The unit remains locked, with only Apple having the keys to new apps.

For everyone else, squirting content across Wi-Fi from an iOS device is the only way on to the Apple TV. We'd like to see an SDK for the Apple TV, opening it up to a world of apps.

At the very least, the Apple TV could do with more content channels, but in the hands of skilled devs and with enough great apps and games, it could become another must-have item from Apple rather than a hobby the company may soon tire of.